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  1. All wires all fine and in place. Inertia switch is fine. Tried the old wiggle test and the knock on the tank test. If i get power all the way back there by jumping it with wires at the relay and it's still not kicking on the pump then the circuit can't be completed and the pcm knows this so it keeps the relay from sending juice to the pump?? That's the only thing I could see why the relay wouldn't be working
  2. Sorry I never got back to you. Turns out I didn't have the pcm connection and main wiring harness connection from engine bay to interior tightened all the way. Some of the pins weren't getting a connection. Once it was all tight it ran great. Till a few days later when the rear end exploded on me. Then it sat for about a year untill recently. Got that all done and now my fuel pump isn't kicking on. I'm getting power to the relay but it's not working. Relay is good and checked with the horn relay to be sure (also good). I jumped it with a wire and got power to pump (the pink wire at fuel tank)but still nothing. Is my computer not allowing the relay to work because the pump is burnt out??
  3. So i jumped the ground wire in the EEC test connecter and the pump kicked on. Jumped the car at the starter solenoid and it started right up. FINALLY AFTER 2 YEARS and it started like it had been running the whole time. So I did a voltage test too on the G/Y wire from the relay and I'm only gettin 9 volts. so do I have a bad ground somewhere? ?
  4. ill post some pictures today when i get home and test out the LB/O wire. all connections are shiny clean. I don't think i have the Fuse thats attached to the starter solenoid but im pretty sure its always been like that (since it use to run). when it says connect the fuel pump relay to any ground should i just use jumpers to test that or how would i go about doing this?? on the back of the relay i actually have two DG/Y wires coming out of the same spot.
  5. Still nothing checked both relays. EEC relay is wokring fine but still nothing from the fuel pump relay. I can hear them clicking but no juice is flowing on the fuel pump relay. I pulled out the test light and have a faint glow from the blue/orange wire. Is that supposed to happen?? Thought it was a ground. My multi meter was dead so will get a battery for it tomorrow and check actual voltage. Battery in the truck is brand new.
  6. thanks man ill let you know what happens. i will change both relays today and check the voltage at my wires.
  7. THANKS!! much apperciated. hopefully i can track down whats going on
  8. i seem to be getting voltage through that wire though. the test light was very dim when connected. thats exactly what i did with no sucesses. i know the horn relay works since my horn works so now im kinda lost on what to do....
  9. Hey guys i can only get my truck to spin over by jumping the teminals on the solenoid. i pulled the small push on wire from the top small post and its not sending any juice to it. Where should i Start looking?? i Know the only things really are the ignition and the neutral safety switch. how much voltage should i be getting and which wires should i be checking?? I dont think anything is wrong with my inginition so id like to check the neutral safety switch first.
  10. Hey guys im having a problem with my fuel pump not working. ive traced it down to the relay since im not getting any juice to the green with yellow strip wire that feeds the inertia switch. i have juice at the yellow wire and the red wire running into the relay.Is the blue with orange strip wire a ground?? ive swapped the relays out with other ones (kept the EEC relay in since it powers the fuel pump relay) with no success. i can hear it clicking just no juice to the other side. Not sure if this is important either but im not getting power to my starter solenoid from the key. will try to start when jumped at the posts but without the fuel pump running i cant start it. PLEASE HELP!!! I did a whole body and interior swap from an 88 to a 95 (after i rolled it)and havent had it running for over 2 years. just hearing it crank left tears in my eyes haha. ive checked all grounds that i can find and everything else seems to be working fine. i can take pictures if need be. just need to get this BEAST back on the trails.
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