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  1. Ok we are running the Ocala NF again in April on the 11th for a ride and camp....who's in ?
  2. I didn't edit too many pics because the other guys did very well at capturing that part of the trip...but...I do have vids... Watch these in order.... http://youtu.be/Ts-vDrR7TAM http://youtu.be/RgOn2QRwisU http://youtu.be/d6F1_9SL7n8 http://youtu.be/IWxnuiF8oqM http://youtu.be/cAxoMAxJy6c and some pics.... the campsite... the 4 trucks that did the whole weekend...there were 6 that showed for the ride. We are doing another ride in March or so....don't let the pics scare ya away.
  3. Last call for anyone wanting to come to the Jan 24th M&G&Ride.....Ocala NF....looks like a good turn out for Bronc owners...
  4. 24th is closing in....anybody in central FL interested in joining us ??
  5. Ok so it looks like we are going to have the M&G and ride on the 24th of January...most seem to agree to stay for the camp out also...if anyone in the Central FL area wants to come, let me know....should be fun.
  6. I always do...I am one of the Bronco owners that actually "use" the truck for its main purpose, negotiating adverse environments...LOL!!! I am a writer/ researcher in a cryto-capacity and need her to get me in the forest...then get me out. My baby does that very well.
  7. Had to get out on this beautiful day and take a ride....
  8. Is it a track issue or is the gear on the motor tore up ? That's the usual problem... Have you taken off the panel and looked to see for sure ?
  9. Well maybe we can ride another time....I ain't going nowhere. If it pans out I will take pics and post them....
  10. Hey m5... Hope the holidays see you and yours safe and happy...yeah, the top I got this time from Rampage was way better tailored then the last one. My wife even recognized it immediately that the top fit better then the last one. I have the cab over portion of the tonneau finished and the connecting tab is done that joins the cab and rear portion. Just need more time now...LOL.
  11. Okay so far I have heard from one interested party for the 24th on another bronc site...he and I are talking camping for the night after the ride...
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