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  1. Hey Bronco Commander: Charged battery to full fresh charge and had jumper cables and still no spark,a friend of mine said he thought it might be the computer because he smelled something like wires got hot but we couldn't find any melted wires. Does it sound like the computer to you?
  2. Hey Bronco Commander: I did the tests and still no spark. So, I replaced the distributor with one that was running in the truck and no spark, so I had another control module laying around in my parts box that looked like it was new but still no spark, I disconnected alarm system which I thought might be the cause but it is still getting 12v at coil wire and comes on when the key is turned on and cranks but no spark. I'm jumping the truck at this point because the battery is dead. I hate the idea of paying someone $90.00 an hour to troubleshoot the wiring. Any other ideas?
  3. miesk5: R here. It is not not distributor either. I put the old distributor in it that I took out because I had put a new sensor in it before I bought my MSD distributor and I still have no spark. Now there was a test I ran with the small red wire on the starter relay, it said to turn ignition on and crank engine and using a test light that you should have a strong light and I got nothing. could that be the culprit and where does the other end of the wire connect to because it looks like it goes into a big wire loom.
  4. miesk5-rogmit here. I've ran all the tests except the PIP test. The coil is energized and has 12v when ignition is turned on and the control module seems to be ok also, the wires are new at starter and are in tact. Now, I know the engine will crank in neutral but it shouldn't crank in every gear. So, I know that is a problem. But, I don't know what that problem is.Also, I need to check the small wire on the solenoid on the firewall, but I can't remember the name of it at this time because this problem is frying my brain. The other wires going to battery and starter that are coming off this solenoid are getting voltage. But, what puzzles me when this problem first occurred, the truck started right up and ran a few minutes and just died. I'm freaking lost and I don't normally take my truck anywhere because I don't trust any of these SOB'S because I've been screwed over before and I'm not going to pay anybody $90-140 an hour to fix this. Your articles were helpful but still a no start problem even though it cranks. So, if you have any other ideas I'd appreciate the help.
  5. miesk5: Does it make any difference if the truck cranks but won't start?
  6. I went out to start my truck a week ago and it started and died and wouldn't restart. I had some old parts laying around so I started changing items related to the ignition. I first replaced the ignition module because I had replaced the steering column awhile back.But, it still wouldn't start, then I replaced the ignition module, same thing, then I tried the coil because there was no spark, still no spark,changed the cap and rotor, still no fire. I checked all the fuses and they were all good. I checked the map sensor and it was fine. I checked the fusible link at starter and it is not broken. I checked the fuel pump it is OK. So, I'm lost at what to look as what next to check. I could use some help if any body has any ideas what could be the problem. Oh, I also put truck in neutral safety switch and that wasn't the problem.Help!! I missed my truck, I'm driving my wife's minivan.
  7. where's the cheapest place to get a motrcraft pump,no more zone parts for me, i've learned my lesson,I called the local ford dealer and they gave me a price of like $450.00, I just can't afford that right now, any ideas on where to purchase will be appreciated
  8. ok, thanks miesk5, as i said i pulled the line off the fuel filter and disconnected the coil and it seemed to be pumping fine at that pont, but i have to get some fittings to put a fuel pressure guage on it, but do you think it is also the fuel pump in the tank is bad even though it seems to be pumping through the line at filter?any help appreciated, thanks.
  9. but I thought the 92 broncos only had the tank fuel pump only
  10. the (zone) but when i disconnected the fuel ine to the filter and disconnected the coil, it seem to be pumping fine at the line, but i the fuel pressure regulator being bad is rare or what ? is there a test to check the fuel pressure regulator?
  11. map sensor is fine, no codes are stored,fuel filter was a little bit dirty and when i crank the engine with the filter disconnected, it pumped gas out like crazy, is there a test for fuel pressure regulator that can be performed?any ideas, thanks I have a 92 bronco 5.8liter,last year replaced tank and pump and new fuel filter, I went to start it the other day and it seem like it was starving for gas and i have a fuel guage on rail and it is only pumping 20 psi, is the pump bad again?
  12. I've got a 92 ford bronco with a 351, my headers bolt directly up to my exhaust, if you have a factory exhaust and the y-pipes are not lining up, you have the wrong headers. Ford Motorsports should have sold you headers for a bronco not for just ford 302's, Autozone sells headers called Flowtech which are made by Holley, a regular set would run you about $300, but if you would go with a ceramic coated set they would run you about $600. Good luck.
  13. rogmit


    well i got the pulsating pedal taken care of with new rotors, that alleviated the pulsating pedal, adjusted rear brakes but i seem to still have alow pedal even though i bled the complete brake system, is it possibly the master cylinder or power booster?
  14. Broncojoe, no i don't know how exactly you check the transmission mount other than physically looking at it, is there a special way to test it?
  15. I haven't checked mine yet but my 92 bronco is doing the same thing, i was told to check the transmission mount
  16. rogmit


    besides the rotor being warped, you don't think it could be the axle shafts do you, because if I have to pull this apart again, I'd like this to be the last time for pulling this apart, because I'm going to get wagner brake parts and something not made in China
  17. rogmit


    I was looking at the pads and it seemed that the inside pad was wearing thinner than the outside pad, is that normal?
  18. rogmit


    So, is it possible that the calipers are malfunctioning and causing the rotors to warp or would that be possible?
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