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  1. Hey fellow Bronco owners I was trying to get some advice. My 92 Bronco came with tbi but I had my 351w stroked to a 408 and I'm trying to figure out if I'm better off just sticking with the throttle body or can I achieve better performance with a carburetor or even 2 carburetors. So if someone has gone from tbi back to carburetion. Let me know if you think about what to go with.
  2. Cancelled post
  3. Miesk5 and Skitter302, I just found out that my aluminum radiator is only 2 cores so are the stock radiators normally 3 core so I need to unfortunately get a 3 core radiator because the hoses are heating up so I no the thermostat is opening properly. I just got this radiator probably a year ago and Summit charged me $380 but I can get one from Jegs that is a 3 core for like $250. So what do you guys think? Let me know.
  4. Miesk5 and Skitter302, my P2 Bronco has a 3 core aluminum radiator with Dual Derale fans but when I'm sitting in traffic during the summer for a lengthy period of time the temperature starts rising and it is a new radiator and new fans. I fkushed it out but I'm still getting the same issue. What might be the next step?
  5. I was trying to find out if anybody has any advice on which pump would be better because in the summertime I have some overheating problems when sitting still on the highway and was wandering if an electric water pump would be better. My truck has been sitting for a 1 1/2 because I got a normal vehicle to drive as an every day driver but I' want to get my 92 Bronco with a stroked 408 back on the road. Any advice would be appreciated.
  6. I've got a 92 Ford Bronco and I'm wanting to add led headlights, has anyone used a particular kit to swap the stock headlight bulbs out for this?
  7. Miesk5, the check engine light was on and still comes on when the ignition is turned to the on position and the overdrive light went out about a month ago and the check engine light would periodically come on an then go out I guess I can see what codes were in there previously because at this point it cranks but won't start. It had the wrong computer in it that Oreilyl's Auto parts sold me and it was causing transmission shift issues but it has the right one now but if it is bad it will take about 3 days to get it replaced. The Ford dealer matched the Vin number with correct ECM number and Oreilly's had sold me a computer for a standard automatic transmission and not one for an E4OD transmission so I don't know if that is screwed up either at this point until I get it running again.
  8. I've got a 92 ford bronco with a 408 stroked engine. A couple of weeks ago I was going around the corner close to my house and my truck just died. I thought it was an ignition problem but it is a fuel problem evidently because it will try to start if I spray it with starting fluid but won't start. It sounds like the fuel pump comes on when the ignition is turned on, I hear the pump for a few minutes but then I don't hear anything. Anybody got any ideas or is it just the fuel pump that is in the tank and does anyone have any suggestions to put a fuel pump on it out of the tank if there is such a thing and what kind because it is a bit of a hassle drop the tank completely out and I've got about 20 gallons of gas in it right now.
  9. miesk5, ok I can hear the pump and I've got 40 psi on pressure gauge but no spark with either coil or either after marker MSD ignition and stock ignition, fuses are all good it just won't start. I'm wandering if there is something wrong with the Engines computer? I even put on an old MAP sensor thinking it wasn't getting fuel air mixture right. Doesn't the wire that goes to solenoid that is an ignition wire which I thought energizes the ignition, could the wire be bad or the solenoid be bad? Any other ideas of what to trouble shoot for, let me know. I appreciate all your help. it seems you're the man with all the answers of what to check.
  10. Life sucks today, my 92 ford Bronco died on me on the way home from work. My truck died on my way home tonight. The battery light came on and the engine died. it was running fine and I turned the corner and it died. it cranks but doesn't seem to be getting any spark. It has an MSD ignition and coil on it so I disconnected it and connected stock ignition back up and an old coil that I new was good but it still wouldn't start. I sprayed some starting fluid in throttle body and it still wouldn't start. Any ideas where to start looking for the issue?
  11. I've got a 92 ford bronco with 5.8. I've noticed lately when pulling forward or backing up the left front tire is sliding forward or backward. I didn't see a break in radius axle, the only thing I notice was my front stabilizer bushings were bad. But, I wouldn't think that would be an issue. The other thing is do the rubber bushing wear out on your rear leaf springs. Let me know what you think guys.I've got new tires on my Bronco and I don't want to wear them out.
  12. Ok Miesk, I hadon't the starter wire that was supposed to go to solenoise on positive post of battery. So I changed that but it still just makes a clicking sound not like the battery is dead but just makes a clicking sound once. So,I'might going to check all the ignition fuses which I don't think that is it but I don't think the ignition box is turning ignition on. It has an MSD 6530 ignition box and that may be preventing it from turning over. It is raining in St. Louis all day today and hope to check ignition tomorrow it is dry. Got aNY other suggestions as what to check and I guess you can't bypass the solenoid on the firewall. Let me know what you think.
  13. Well, 1 1/2 weeks ago my speedometer started freaking out and then went dead all together but I made it home. I went out to start it the next day and it wouldn't start. It would just click at the starter. It had burnt the wires all the way down to the starter and back up the ignition wire and the ground wire to the alternator. The starter is good because I can get it to engage off the car using jumper cables, so I know the starter is not burnt up and my check engine light comes on when I turn the key so I'm guessing the computer is okay. So what could I be missing because the engine still won't turn over and I even had the batteries recharged. I don't see and other burnt wires. Help!!
  14. Does anyone know where I can pick up a used or new tailgate for my 92 bronco, had new tires put on Bronco and tire dealer didn't get spare tire closed and it swung open and hit a concrete pillar ripped the outer skin loose and bent corner of tailgate
  15. The fans are pullers and there 4,000 cfm dual fans built into a shroud and I haven't got the a/c fixed yet. The thermostat is 195 degrees, the engine is new and so is everything else. I live in St. Louis, Mo. and the antifreeze is 50/50. I need to get the temperature down so that when I find the leak on a/c it doesn't overheat
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