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  1. I have pulled pulley. No shim. its definitely a 302. 4 hole with 1/2" center hole. Is the longer nose pump only a 1/4" difference? I have looked in TBP catalogs along with several other catalogs with no success. May have to go to a auto parts store or a junkyard as you suggested.
  2. The water pump pulley on my 71 Bronco is out of alignment with the crank pulley and alternator pulley causing a lot of belt squeal.. My late brother-in-law told me he had replaced the original 302 motor with another out of a 74 Bronco. New radiator and looks like a new water pump possibly. No power steering. The pulley is 6" diameter and 2 1/2" deep. It looks like I need one 2 3/4"deep to get them to align. Does anyone know where to find a pulley with these dimensions? Or is there another way to remedy this?
  3. Thinking about putting a 4 barrel on my 302, replacing the original 2 barrel. any recommendations or ideas? Brands, cfm, installation issues?
  4. Getting ready to re-paint my Bronco.How do I get the body side mouldings off? Is there a trick to it or is there a special tool needed?
  5. Recently purchased 71 Bronco and want to install a power steering system. Has anyone used any of the kits available from the many suppliers? I am fairly handy with wrenches but I am not a "mechanic", so what should I look for and what should I avoid?
  6. Why is the rear license plate bracket hinged and spring loaded on the early Bronco's?
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