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  1. May I ask a stupid ? how do I post to this forum
  2. Satchmo1278


    Hey guys I have a few ?s Thanks guys im willing to try anything, I found a broken vacuum line fixed it temporarily. The problems im having now is when I start the truck and drive it cold, it initially has power then it seems as though it has a hair ball u can floor it and nothing then all of a sudden it just up and goes. Also when sitting at a stop sign or red light the truck will run rough and the voltage light goes down even with just the lights on I put it in neutral it the idle gets smoother and the voltage comes back. I can hear a sound that to my best description sounds like a pop or something coming from the intake (kinda like a pop or like when something clogs the nozzle of a vacuum the thunk it makes maybe the cylinders are not burning the fuel correctly during that whole time from start to warm up no check engine light, then once it runs normal (at least for the time being considering I don't know what normal is supposed to be) the check engine light comes on and remains on till I turn it off and then start it again, but at start up and initial drive no CEL.. Thanks again for all the help.. THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP IN ADVANCE!!!! Does anyone know where I can get the plastic vacuum lines for the 5.0
  3. Hey guys im a bronco newb I have a 1995 5.0 eddie bauer
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