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  1. Yeah I think I just need to retune the whole carb. I was running SOOO stinking good!!! I was even letting the kids drive it to school... I will just put is a new rebuild kit, I am sure even a slight vacuum leak in either one of them will cause me huge issues....
  2. it bogs down even on light acceleration, just in neutral if I give it a quick throttle is bogs almost like it is choking itself out. I have a manual choke and it's open.... I may just put another rebuild kit in the carb and see if that helps. Timing is steady, steady at idle and while revving the engine I can see the vacuum advance working and it is also steady. can't be a plugged exhaust, because, once you get thru acceleration it seems to run good.... The more I type the more I think it must be the power valve.... How you been? Had another kid graduate from high school so most of the spring was getting ready for that...
  3. Been running great all spring. Just gradually getting more sluggish during acceleration. Now it is almost like timing is totally off. Here is what I have done so far: Replaced; plugs, wires, coil, vacuum lines on top of motor, fuel filter, added octane booster to gas Took off the carb (holley 2bbrl) cleaned and inspected (little dirty, but not terrible); blew it all out with carb cleaner; Checked timing, check vacuum advance at dist, Pulled valve cover on drivers side to check for broken lifter spring (I have a ticking sound in the valve train near #5) I played around with the mixture and didn't seem to help/hinder Over the winter I rebuilt the 302 and the C4; it is still shifting at all the correct points so I don't think I have a vacuum issue. i dont' have a gauge but I will get one this weekend and double check. Haven't checked compression yet, I think I am going to pull the carb again and go thru it a little better. Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated....
  4. kyBronco- Keep it up!! Nice job... You are probably inspiring quite a few to take on the project. Looking thru some of you pics, if you need a spot to store your KTM, I have some space in my shop... You won't have time for a couple years....
  5. welcome... Great ride.... I like Bully's idea about a aluminum "rib". You could run some webbing from window frame, around the "rib" then towards the back. It would keep the rib from sliding forward or back.
  6. Any one out there have the BC Bronco rigid "safari" top? I really like the looks of them and the rigidity of the welded frame. Didn't know if anyone has one and what you thought of it?
  7. That is HORRIBLE..... Send me his number and I will buy it and take it out of your options!!! Looks like a very clean rig. Obvious body lift and suspension work. How does it steer and stop??? Looks like there is an air locker pump in the engine compartment and aftermarket power breaks. New radiator.... Looks good... I like it...
  8. What a gift!!! that is awesome, congrats. Mine is an early 73 with lots of 72 parts in it. Which is a pain because this is the year the switched from T-shift transfer case to J shift.
  9. All back together.... 1) When setting your timing, make sure your rotor is FIRMLY down on the distributor shaft, or you will NEVER be able to set your timing 2) Make sure you fill your transmission BEFORE you try to take a test drive, because if you don't have enough fluids in your tranny it won't shift and you will get pissed, and then you will get drunk.... 3) Replace your thermostat ANY chance you get, if it sits dry for a long period of time, it won't work and you will overheat your motor and shoot steam all over your garage and you wife will get pissed.... (and you will get drunk) One leak between C4 and Transfer case. LOVE the twin shifter, will post more on this in a separate thread....
  10. They were VERY up front with the issues of making the modification and disconnecting the connecting pins. You only need to open the case if you are going to remove the interlock pins for full independent shifting. You are correct that it would be very obvious to anyone with knowledge of the bronco, but I was talking about my kids... The shift rails have two interlock pins that travel in recessed notches that don't allow travel out of a certain sequence. That sequence is rear drive to either HI/LO then the front drive to the corresponding HI/LO. Then when shifting out of 4WD the front drive need to come back to neutral before the rear drive can move. Very simple design when you look at it.... It would be nice to have the ability to have just front wheel drive (out on the trail and blow up a rear driveshaft), but I felt that the risk was too high...
  11. I did not separate the shift rails inside the TC. This would give me full independent selection of all options, (ie: Front wheel drive only in HI or LO range). This would also allow my kids to select HI in the rear and LO in the front and destroy the drivetrain. (I chose NOT to do this modification.) "If it is foreseeable, it is preventable." With the shift rails still "connected" I can select rear-only 2L, which I can see wanting. I have read some comments that the torque may be too high for this configuration, so I don't know if I will spend much time in 2LO. I will post some comments as soon as I get it back on the road and I can play with it a bit.
  12. I added the twin shift as I was finishing the rebuild on the engine and the C4. I had everything out so I put a twin stick in and haven't got everything put back together to give it a try yet. I remember that my '69 (3 spd) wasn't that hard to shift, but my '73 (C4) has always been hard to shift. Just wondering if there is a genetic flaw with these two (C4 and Dana 20) and what other tips people may have to make it easier to shift. BTW, the twin stick install required a little cutting at the opening and a little modification of the metal tabs that attach to the shift rails. Pretty easy project if you have everything apart. I will keep you posted, because I KNOW you want a set
  13. no, it one stick controlling both selector shafts. it was a real bear to get to shift. hoping that by going to the twin shift it will be easier because one shifter, one shift rail... we will see...
  14. Thx Bully... still on the bench and i installed the TBP twin shift on it. Not Connected to the C4 but i can do all the shifting i want right now. 4hi on the front shaft takes anpretty firm tap with the wrist, but 4lo is pretty easy. Matt at Toms said his dad had a bronco with a C4 and it was always tough to shift at the dana. He gave me some tips to try that may help. Hopefully just separating the two shafts will help. I will update when i get the TC hooked back up to the C4.
  15. Update: rebuilt Dana 20, rebuilt C4, rebuilt 302.... All by me, so confidence is a little in question. Question is this.... How hard should it be to shift into 4WD? It is a 73 with a T shift handle. I have to force the lever REALLY hard to get it to shift. Anyone else have this issue? What do you do to get rid of this? I bought a twin stick today from Tom's to see if that helps, but there must be something I am missing. Put the twin stick on tonight on the bench and I can shift pretty freely between everything except 4HI front. I have to give it a pretty good "pop" with my hand to get it to move. 4LO seems to be pretty good, but it is not hooked up to the C4 right now. Will update within the next couple of days, but just wondering if there are some secrets...
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