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  1. Looking for one or a set of this wheel. Cragar 3655155 15X10 5x5.5 3.75" BS. These wheels were also sold under different brand names. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, C
  2. compracr

    78 XLT Split Bench seat covers.

    Thank you
  3. Looking for seat covers for a 78 XLT split bench front and cover for the rear seat. Looking for red but can dye if necessary. Also who sells the best replacement carpet for this truck? Thanks, C
  4. compracr

    Air Conditioning upgrade

    anyone know of a kit or resource for upgrading the OE A/C system on a 78 XLT. Thanks,
  5. compracr

    Spare Tire Cover

    Does any one know where I can buy or have made a Spare Tire Cover that looks like the white Factory Bronco cover but will fit a 33x12.50x15? Thanks
  6. compracr

    transfer case conversion kit

    Thanks for your input.
  7. Have a 78 automatic with full time transfer case. wondering weather it is worth installing the Mile Marker shaft kit to convert it to part time or find a part time set up donor and change it out. Also a guy down at the local 4x4 shop said I could just install lockout hubs and it would help some by letting the axles spin at the hubs without lugging the tires and wheels around. Thanks everyone!
  8. compracr

    Quad Shock Headers

    Thank You.
  9. compracr

    Quad Shock Headers

    Looking to put a set of headers on a 78 351M Quad Shock Auto Bronco. Most I have seen say not for QS applications. If I can find some, I guess the 1.750 x 3" would be fine for the stock engine. Any advice or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.