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  1. I did those a couple of weeks ago and used a ball joint press to install them
  2. sorry took so long to get back but its the 5.8 and the rod length is supposed to be 7.567 I think and the closest I can find is 7.523 without paying 200.00 for a set
  3. no the ones that came out were a quarter inch shorter I didn't think a tenth of an inch would make that much difference and I tourqed them down one at a time too and to 25 ft lbs is that right??
  4. 95 full size with a stock valve train I know that the standard push rod is 7.567 the rods I have are 7.695 will this cause any problems?? And what is the best way to tourqe down the rocker arms
  5. I has a vacume leak and no code was sent but when the leak was repaired the engine did a lot better
  6. I have a 2000 Expedition that I think the heater core has taken a turn for the worst when its put on defrost I have steam and the smell of coolant but its a small leak since very little coolant is being lost just want to make sure that I'm headed in the right direction don't want to pull it apart and find out it something different. There is no coolant running on the ground and the passanger side floor is dry
  7. I did have the auto lockers and the test I used it was a personal choice but seemed to work was to raise the front tires off the ground and spin the front drive shaft within a rev or two the front hubs will lock in and you should here them since you'll be right there
  8. I have my engine just about ready to be put back together after chasing after a little coolant leak and having that turn into a full rebuild But everything I about ready to go back together but the water pump bolts don't look real healthy I would like to install new ones to avoid the later times of the breaking apart when the pump has to be changed. (had it happen to my son in law and it snapped off in the block) But what I'm looking for is all seven new bolts I looked and most of them don't include the weird looking ones I have seen the dorman kit but it says not be used on my 95 so I'm kinda stuck for now if anyone has a place to get them I thank you now for the help
  9. I have seen them on e-bay for around 160.00 or so I have one coming in this week and will be installing it and will let you know how well it works
  10. ok heres the latest update I put new spindle bearings on the driver side today and the sound was less next week it will be the passenger side hopefully that will get rid of most of the sound, But...... (isn't there always a but) now that the sound dropped ini the front end a little now there is more noise from the rear end that I haden't noticed before. One day maybe I will get to take her for the drive she deserves
  11. ok my 95 bronco has a noise coming the front end starts at about 35 and goes till I hit about 42 and then goes away, I converted it to manuel hubs and put new wheel bearings in to it for a ride and the noise is still there . When I put into 4hi it gets much worse. So I figured that if I get rid of the noise in 2hi then it should be alright in 4hi. Could the rotor or the spindle be my cause being worn out and causing the noise???? ANY help would be would be great to have Thanks
  12. As I have been reading through the topics that deal with this wonderful system, If I'm wrong please let me know. If the abs system the brain of it is not working I will have driveabilty issues I got a used computer from a j-yard and the light didn't come on so I was right at the beginning again I will be tearing the dash apart to double check the light But any would be great Thanks in advance to everyone that has helped so far
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