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  1. Welcome Shane ! We'll wait for your Baby... <'> enjoy the forum !
  2. Welcome in the Zone KC ! Nice truck ! Enjoy the forum
  3. Happy Birthday AMERICA ! ...God bless ya guys... have a wonderful day ! Cheers !!!
  4. Welcome dude !..nice beast..love it n preserve it ! you are in the right place here.., keep us posted about ur works on it if you can . Congrats buddy !
  5. Merry Xmas & Happy New Year for ya all guys !!! (Santa is arrived about 1 month ago for me...i'll keep you posted soon about it n i bet Miesk will be happy this time....lol..its a 79 'chero.GT..) . Cheers !
  6. Hi EMon. ! Welcome ! ..for the "little" i know..there aren't problems about this kind of operation. (then i'll wait with you for Miesk & Co. to make sure of that..plus..they could tell you how to do step by step ,screw by screw ..lol) . Good luck for your job n post some pics !
  7. Hey Lyle !..simply awesome..! take care of HER like a diamond....(it seems Daytona Yellow..but i could be wrong)
  8. Hi JBA ,..welcome ! . That's just an "option" i found..about ur issue : cdn.wildhorses4x4.com/downloads/windshield.pdf . Your Bronco is really nice...
  9. Hello J. , believe me it wasn't my intencion to "minimize" about anythin' ... , personally i was just assuming it was better for ya to remove n clean the tank directly , check / adjust all the organs inaccessible in that area (as ur gauge) AT ONE TIME n without cuts for your truck . Your only "annoyance" actually ( but i could be wrong ) it's about not knowing how much gas you have in the tank ..n i don't think it's somethin' "difficult" to menage (waitng for the repair..in the way i told ya ) That's all i was tryn' to say.., always with the utmost respect for you n your choises..
  10. hi Bob ! ...yeah exactly..., even for him was better do the job one only time n correctly (cleanin' the tank n all the rest ispected..) . I don't like to see Jgrden in the same unfunny situation one day..plus..with his truck cutted like a pie for nothin' ...lol he don't have any "important" problem now , but it's a "zone" he have to take care for sure soon in the future.. as ispection n maintenance. About "the Big Boot"...we are just tryn' to survive in this moment..lol.....it's been a long economy' recession. (end O/T). Have a nice day my friends !
  11. OMG....Bob !... I can't believe you'd agree about this kind of solution ! ..for sure it's SMART&CHEAP but we are talikn' about our loved Broncos ...not some Chevy "trush" to destroy ...! lol, obviously i'm jokin ..., but my tip for J. is to wait for "Time&Money" makin' a proper job when possible in the future ( www.youtube.com/whatch?v=v_p251h8sLM ) . At the moment 1 gallon tank inside the truck for emergency is enough . All i wanna say to J. (with some less money' problems than me..) he is going to fix some "actual" problems...but it doesen't means his truck becames brand new after that... . How about to take this "occasion" for clean everythin' n check many others components about fuel' line mayby close to die..? Its an OLD truck in the end.. the more you'll be able to "change" (as new parts) n "control/clean/fix" as "overall".. the less problems you'll get in the future ...for happy/safety travels n money saved.. . (just my 2 cents) Good Luck J. ! ..Lets have a beer all together now ...! lol
  12. Hi Gerhard , welcome ! (my compliments about your choise..as BRONCO' driver, i hope to see some picture very soon ) . I'm not a mechanic, but : "May i simply suppose you've bought "the wrong one" as caracteristics ? coz maybe they works differently across those years.. (not engine related). Check this link (i've to write it coz "past n copy doesn't works n i dunno why..lol) : www.bcbroncos.com/ford%20starters.pdf , good luck
  13. Welcome in the ZONE dude..! ..a SPECIAL TRUCK...for a SPECIAL GUY...
  14. Have a beautiful 4th of July my friends !!! ..n always a SPECIAL tanx to all who have served ! God Bless Ya , Mark
  15. Welcome Jgrden ! Congrats for your project' choise . Its just my point of wiew but.. any "oldtimer" truck/car deserves his original dash with his OEM car stereo (when possible)...if we really wunt the best for "her" . So my personal tip is to leave your NAVY..on your SMARTPHONE (i dont think we were LOST in the '85 without it...lol) , Enjoy your Bronco n have fun !
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