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  1. This news just hit Facebook.

    Fiveology Racing

    Removing emissions related sensors/solenoids can cause idle quality and drivability issues, especially when it comes to the Thermactor System. This eliminator kit makes it possible to remove the Thermactor System Solenoids (TAB,TAD) from your main engine wire harness while keeping the EFI system functioning normally and the check engine light from coming on.



    Link -> fiveologyracing.com

    (832) 405-9518



  2. I used 2 4 gauge wires off the back of the alt. 1 to the starter solenoid and 1 straight to the battery. ITs complete over kill.

    x1 4ga wire of the back of a 3g alt to the starter solenoid is plenty. I got my 3g from O'reilly and its the part # used in the 1994 Mustang 5.0. fit great with the normal bracket grinding required.

  3. looks like you have a 4" lift to me.

    What your cost is depends on what lift kit you buy. But I would easily suggest new drive lines because the factory ones won't hold up at the new angles the 6" lift will cause.


    I would give the boys at Big Dick Suspension a call and see what parts they recommend changing out with one of their kits.




  4. Got my new fuel injectors from fiveologyracing. But my 29 day old fuel pump in the tank died. Had the Centurion towed back to the mechanic. He does good work but he's a one man shop and his lot was full when I dropped it off.

    I thought about doing the fuel pump myself but the 30 day parts and labor warranty is about to pay for its self. 

  5. I'll honestly say that I forgot to even think about checking for codes. For the reason that, in the past anytime I've had an issue with an engine not running correctly  I've never gotten codes. A year ago when the transmission was running hotter then the engine, I never got any codes. Now grant'd that was due to a bad EEC, my point still is it just seems like any time I have an issue the computer doesn't throw a code for me to find.

    I'll check after work today just to be sure.

  6. I was driving my '91 the other day and had the oddest thing happened,

    After making it about 2 or so miles into my run across town I was coming to a stop and my Bco acted like it was trying to push through the brakes and the engine died. It re-started with no issue but when I put it in drive it died again. I try'd again, put the transmission in Neutral, started the engine, engaged Drive and the engine died again.

    I was like...


    So I try'd again, but this time I skipped D and went strait to first, engine stayed running. Shifted into Drive with my foot still on the Brake and the engine died again.


    At this point I'm getting a lil' up set. Started the engine in N and revv'd the engine out of frustration. Back to "D" and drove with out issue.  Made my stop, and drove to the other side of town, and it happened again.


    That time I could put it in drive as long as my foot was giving the gas pedal a lil' push. And even then the engine sounded like it was under a major load. The next few stop signs had me putting the transmission into neutral when coming to a stop. After driving home I needed to make another trip a few hours later, this time my trip was drama free like nothing happened.


    Now I've had issues with my E4OD for a long while now, and from what I've been reading on the F150 forums and other Bronco forums this happens when the Torque Converter stay's locked when coming to a stop. I'm thinking that this is what is happening and that it's time for a new TC. Just wondering if I should be looking for anything else before I pull the transmission.

  7. I've been reading on the internet that tires that mount'd onto a 16.5" wheel like to do this. But in this case I'm going to go with  "TIRE FAILURES CAUSED BY OLD TIRES" and lack of maintenance.

    35x12.5 r17 tires an't the cheapest at the moment So I'm thinking about getting some stamp'd steel rims just so I can keep driving it this winter.


  8. Guys, the hard part about the 87-91 Trucks is that their is no aftermarket support for these like their is for the 92-97 Trucks.

    I'm looking for one of these


    or something close to. I'd like to have one for my '91 Bco and my Centurion had one of these when it was Born but when the paint and Body was done in 2012 or '13 the trim never made it back on. Any leads for finding something like this would be great. I'm almost to the point of making something out of sheet metal in our fab shop at work. Even then I don't think it would look as good as I want it to.