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  1. What Did you Do With Your Bronco Today???

    Who knows at this point, could of been random and come loose, could of been stolen.When replacing the nut I just wanted all of my lugs to match and the Local LesSchawb had these fancy ones for the right price so I went for it. And I made sure these were tight. Speaking of Fancy things added this too,
  2. What Did you Do With Your Bronco Today???

    Finally got a nice day to work on the Bronco, but not what I had planned. Lost my lug nut some where so I had to make that a priority. Went ahead and replaced all 20 with new ones from LesSchawb. Done.
  3. Random pop-up on my Youtube stream of this Boss Bronco. Thought I would share, As of the time of this post this video is only a week old. What do you guys think, did Ford make a mistake by not putting the Boss Bronco into Production?
  4. Engine Acc. Brackets

    Lol, thats a lot of info for what I was hoping was just a yes or no question Just wondering beause I wanted to save on the cost and hassle of new brackets. Thanks for all the links. The deal for the 1994 302 HO fell through but I'm keeping my eyes open for another engine.
  5. Engine Acc. Brackets

    Are the Accessory Brackets on my 351w the same as a 302? Only reason I'm asking is I want to put a 302 in my Bco. I'm in the planning stages now and want to make sure I don't need different Brackets for the A/C or Alt or stuff like that. Currently working on a deal for a 302 HO that is out of a 1994 Mustang.
  6. Running Cold

  7. Running Cold

    I'm wondering if flushing the heater core is a smart move while you swapping in a new thermostat.
  8. 93 Bronco dome light

    I did the same with mine, pulled mine from a 1998 or '99 Expedition so It was tan to match the EB colors of the interior. Added a LED and its my fvorite chane I made by far. Photo of my work in this thread,
  9. New Clubs Feature

    Cool community feature!
  10. Cant adjust my timing

    Oh, well that ain't gunna work now will it
  11. ICON Bronco

    If your looking for More ICON Bronco eye candy Johnathan Ward has been posting videos to YouTube about the different builds. He also gives more insite into the ICON Brand. https://www.youtube.com/user/ICON4x4Design/videos
  12. Picture Size up loaded to Broncozone

    Just a heads up everybody, the info posted above is for the old 2013 forum coding. According to some of my posts that I've made more recently... the newest update to the site auto adjusts the photos to fit on your screen. No need to resize your photos.
  13. Fiberglass fenders

    Wider fender's don't really let you fit a taller tire just a wider one. The factory sent out the Bronco with 10.5x31 r15's some people have even had luck running 33's with a leveling kit in the front. But in my experience you can't fit a tire wider then 10.5". But if you had a fender that was 3" wider I guess a guy could fit a tire that is ~ 12.5" wide on a 10" wide. Maybe even wider with rim that has the proper back spacing. Just my $0.02.
  14. pic test

    Looks like photos work now with the forum update!
  15. Skitter302's Bronco

    Photos of My 1991 Bronco. Included the Craigslist ad of what it look'd like at time of purchase and the rest of the photos are what the Bronco looks like now after a good buff and polish.