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  1. Skitter302

    87-92? AC Orifice Tube Replacement - How to

    Looking to convery my system to the 134a stuff, what is the new Orifice size I should buy? At NAPA I see the red one on the shelf and Red is also the color included in the photo. Is that indeed the correct part that I need to buy?
  2. Skitter302

    Ford Bronco Concepts

    Bronco and Bronco II, just like the good ol days. I like that idea.
  3. Skitter302

    New EEC, Code 212

    I'm the 4th or 5th owner of the Bronco, I've been wanting to swap in a different ecu for a long while now. Problem is all the companys that made a kit back in 2004-2008 when ecu swapping was all the rage most of them are gone now. Thankfully fiveologyracing is still in business. The opportunity really presented it self when one of the caps leaked out onto my board. Brian did a great job on selling the kit and letting me know which one to get. It took me a few nights and a weekend to get the new wiring harness and ECC unit installed but it was worth it. I contacted Brian about my 212 code and he said that was a common problem with the Gray TFI and the new ECU that are from a 1995 MAF 5.0 F-150. He sent me a wire and some instructions, I found a Black TFI from a Ford dealer in CA, (nos part) and shortly after the part arrived I installed the new TFI. Also found a few other loose wires and patched them up. Since installing the new Black TFI I havn't had the 211 code. The engine was rebuilt by a shop under the 3rd owner of the Bronco. That was 45k ago.
  4. Skitter302

    New EEC, Code 212

    I was askin' about the 211 code to trouble shoot my tfi with my new http://www.fiveologyracing.com/ EEC unit.
  5. Skitter302

    New EEC, Code 212

    Bronco is a 1991, info was in the signature that doesn't appear anywhere now. Fav Bronco year is 1993, Has the body style commonly supported by the After Market parts manufactures. Was also the last year before FoMoCo added airbags.
  6. Skitter302

    New EEC, Code 212

    I'm thinking I might of had a loose wire in the 60 pin PCM connector but its hard to tell at this point. Swapped the gray TFI out for a new Black one, have gone 7days with no issue. I'm almost to the point that I can start taking long road trips in the Bronco Again.
  7. Skitter302

    What Did you Do With Your Bronco Today???

    Wow, I havn't posted an up-date in here since March! 0_0 guess that's what happens when I start working long days. I got all the wiring button'd up and have been driving the Bronco, finding a glitch and fixing that issue and moving on. Swapped out the old Push Start style TFI for the New CCD TFI. Going from the gray to the Black module improved my throttle response greatly. Overall I'm very happy with the results with my MAF conversion. My only issue is how the PCM does the load calculations for 3rd. But I'm finding more and more that I might have a 3rd gear issue caused by the old Bronco computer. Still liking the feelings of the shifts with the Banks transcommand. Feels like a shift kit.
  8. Skitter302

    upper radiator hose

    Got the bypass hose installed, all better now!
  9. Skitter302

    upper radiator hose

    Ya know, I didn't have a coolant leak till I join'd in on this conversation. 🤣 Thankfully mine is just a bad 5/8 hose going from the intake to the water pump. Stop by O'reilly tomorrow and get a new one.
  10. Skitter302

    upper radiator hose

    One issue I had the the thermostat trying to fall out of the groove when I attached the water neck back on. I used a small dot of RTV to hold the T-stat in place and had no issues.
  11. Skitter302

    upper radiator hose

    I just had that issue with a paper gasket I try'd to install recently. It act'd like it melted. Got mine form O'reilly. Blue RTV and no more issues.
  12. Skitter302

    New EEC, Code 212

    Been doing some google searching and had this thought, Code 212 and 211 are different issues correct? Or could they be the same?
  13. Got done wiring in the new EEc from fiveologyracing.com, Took the computer a lil bit of time to learn how to idle correctly. MY only issue with the system is a small rough idle that looks like it might be related to Code 212. I did some google searching and 212 might be caused by a bad 22k resistor, or I might need to change my TFI to one that is for the 1994 F-150. I've seen on different forums that I will need # DY-1077. The Bronco runs with out issue just has this KOEO 212 code, Do I need the TFI with the 3 pins on top or do I need the one with out the upper pins?
  14. Seems like their is power always going to the rear. You can use the key in the tailgate to activate the switch. If your trying to use the dash switch with out putting a key in the ignition you'll need to jump the AUX power wire in the ignition switch.
  15. Skitter302

    ODB I Fuel injection sites

    I feel like I did but now I can't find it. Can you repost it?