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  1. Skitter302

    upper radiator hose

    Ya know, I didn't have a coolant leak till I join'd in on this conversation. 🤣 Thankfully mine is just a bad 5/8 hose going from the intake to the water pump. Stop by O'reilly tomorrow and get a new one.
  2. Skitter302

    upper radiator hose

    One issue I had the the thermostat trying to fall out of the groove when I attached the water neck back on. I used a small dot of RTV to hold the T-stat in place and had no issues.
  3. Skitter302

    upper radiator hose

    I just had that issue with a paper gasket I try'd to install recently. It act'd like it melted. Got mine form O'reilly. Blue RTV and no more issues.
  4. Skitter302

    New EEC, Code 212

    Been doing some google searching and had this thought, Code 212 and 211 are different issues correct? Or could they be the same?
  5. Got done wiring in the new EEc from fiveologyracing.com, Took the computer a lil bit of time to learn how to idle correctly. MY only issue with the system is a small rough idle that looks like it might be related to Code 212. I did some google searching and 212 might be caused by a bad 22k resistor, or I might need to change my TFI to one that is for the 1994 F-150. I've seen on different forums that I will need # DY-1077. The Bronco runs with out issue just has this KOEO 212 code, Do I need the TFI with the 3 pins on top or do I need the one with out the upper pins?
  6. Seems like their is power always going to the rear. You can use the key in the tailgate to activate the switch. If your trying to use the dash switch with out putting a key in the ignition you'll need to jump the AUX power wire in the ignition switch.
  7. Skitter302

    ODB I Fuel injection sites

    I feel like I did but now I can't find it. Can you repost it?
  8. Skitter302

    top weight and removal

    The Top is about 125lbs. The best way would to have the ability to hook the front and back of the top and pull up on it and drive out from under it. Kinda blank on how to make that theory work. My only worry about the item you have a link to is that it might be too light. Here is an idea:
  9. Skitter302

    I like it with the bench seat

    Cool stuff
  10. Skitter302

    I like it with the bench seat

    Jeff, now that you have had the bench for a while. How does it feel compared to the Buckets?
  11. Skitter302

    What Did you Do With Your Bronco Today???

    Got some progress made. Got the old injector connectors trimmed out of the factory wiring harness. I have no plans to go back to SD after working this hard to get MAF components installed. This also allowed me to wrap up wiring and clean it up so it looks better. I also took the time to do some "maintenance items" ~ 8 clean remanufactured fuel injectors ~ new coolant temp sensor and sending unit ~ New air intake temp sensor ~ New valve cover gaskets While I was putting the new gaskets on I found a few spots on each cover that was starting to rust so they got some paint. I didn't want to paint them black but I had 6 extra cans of black so I used what I had. Still have some more parts to go on before I bolt the intake back together.
  12. Skitter302

    What Did you Do With Your Bronco Today???

    Do you know how hard it is to find a extra long T40 to take the intake off the Bronco? I spent almost 2 hours driving from one store to the other looking for a long T40. So thats the only reason the intake isn't off yet.
  13. Skitter302

    Fuel Tank Install

    With out much other info, or a link to the manufacture who made this tank I'm 90% sure those would be tank vents. In theory this is easy to check for by shining a light in the tank an looking for tubes that go along the top of the tank. One vent for the left and one for the right. Or one vent for the front and one for the rear. This is just a educated guess.
  14. Skitter302

    ODB I Fuel injection sites

    I've been looking alot at http://web.archive.org/web/20131026082627/http://oldfuelinjection.com/ Been looking at this archived site and realized that it is a gold mine. Question is is their another site like this that is current and up to date?
  15. Skitter302

    95 Bronco XLT 5.0L - Fuse #18 blows

    If I remember a conversation I had with the guys down at my Dealership. DTRLs would/could of been a required feature for a Canadian Vehicle. Ford probably saved money by using the same wiring harness for everything and plugged in what the build sheet called for.