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  1. If only the production Bco would have the sleek body lines of the Race Body.
  2. Yo, moved Your topic to better location other then the News section.
  3. I've seen a lot of guys with stroker 302's with a AOD or C6. Its a common recipe that fits and sounds good. Could piss off a bunch of people and toss in a GM engine 😆
  4. Some of the hardest parts of Bronco ownership is when they have a Breakdown. I totally get that my Broncos have some years one them but man it sucks when it breaks on vacation. Drove to Boise to see family and had no issues down and around town. Got up Sunday morning loaded the vehicle and my cousin noticed a few odd green drips. About a hour late it turned into a green puddle. Followed the green trail and there it was. Green liquid dripping from the weep hole in the water pump. After getting the pump installed I found that their was still a drip but I couldn't find where. Pulled the fan shroud back and found that the crimp on the tank was now dripping. Back to the parts store for a radiator. Got it all back together now with no leaks. Can drive home in the morning.
  5. Haven't posted in a bit since its hard to type with a wrench in one hand, and grease on the fingers. I've noticed that computers don't care for that stuff too much. A bit has happen'd and most of my activity has been posted to my instagram but I'd figure I post up here with some details. I took some time off work and got the Centurion clean'd. Was a nice break from the norm and I had a good time attending the multiple car shows that happen in my town. People would come up to me a ask how I built a four door Bronco in my backyard... Was exciting to show them the door sticker to show it was a conversion vehicle. Even many of the OBS guys that were at the Friday night cruise didn't know what I was driving. Shortly after show week I took a weekend where me and Dad went to Boise on a less then perfect road trip. The 460 Engine lost oil pressure twice on the way down and when I drained 9qts of oil it was full of brass color'd flakes. Some fresh oil and a bottle of Lucas got me home but its still not like it was. Also found out the my new windshield leaks and so do the "c" pillars Gunna park it for the winter so I can pull the interior apart later. So I'm a little bummed out about the water leaks and the engine troubles and A few Days later BAM I get a call from a Family member borrowing the '84 Crew Cab that its over heated 20min out of town. I arrive to find the truck still hot with a pool coolant and oil under the truck. Called AAA and had it tow'd home. After work the next day I took a closer look at the damage and its bad. Pass side head gasket is gone and alot of gaskets got melted. Engine runs cold but doesn't like warming up to operating temp. So now in less then a week I have 2 unrunable 460 Motors. Time to roll out the parts Bronco and get it up to daily driver status. This Blue Bronco was something I bought and pulled the tailgate wiring out of to fix the Centurion. I just havn't got around to selling it. Trans fluid was more brown then what I like to see so I went and got some fresh fluid for the trans. Along with that I did an oil change, flushed the t-case, topped off the front and rear diffs, fixed the dash lights witha new head light switch, and fixed multiple odds and ends. I've got some new tires on order too.
  6. Gunna need more details on what part of the pump/sending unit is too small. is it the top? is it not long enough? Does it have the wrong plug?
  7. Looks like he forgot to lift the rear.
  8. This is the same crew that brought us the internet video a Bronco jumping as high as a shipping container. Now they breaking down the build of a Burnout Bronco.
  9. Yo, this post is from 2006. I'd be surprised if this guy is still is in the market. If your selling your steps PM me a price.
  10. I've used this in my c6 with out any issues. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Valvoline-MaxLife-Multi-Vehicle-Automatic-Transmission-Fluid-1-Gallon/15125768 with half a bottle (12oz) of Lucas. Using that little bit is just adding some protection to the friction material. I like the stuff. https://www.walmart.com/ip/LUCAS-OIL-10009-Transmission-Fix-24-Ounce/16777815
  11. Can't wait to see a new rear bumper on that Bronco. What is up with Bronco GY's shipping prices? I almost placed an order but shipping was stupid crazy. cost more then 50% of my cart.
  12. Thought I was going to start a new thread asking how to diagnose a bad fan clutch. The fan clutch in the Centurion was sticking in the on position. My MPG dropped al lil' and accelerating felt like a chore. So I went to O'reilly and got a replacement. Only took me about 30min to pull the fan assembly and put the new on. Now I don't have any extra fan noise and accelerating feels normal.
  13. If you don't know about the Web company called Custom Offsets you probably should. Most these "kids" know more about wheels and tires then the guys working at your local tire shop. Junior is one of the staff members at this web company and is building up his Bronco. I've been following the Youtube videos for a while now and these guys make some fun stuff.
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