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  1. ODB I Fuel injection sites

    I've been looking alot at http://web.archive.org/web/20131026082627/http://oldfuelinjection.com/ Been looking at this archived site and realized that it is a gold mine. Question is is their another site like this that is current and up to date?
  2. 95 Bronco XLT 5.0L - Fuse #18 blows

    If I remember a conversation I had with the guys down at my Dealership. DTRLs would/could of been a required feature for a Canadian Vehicle. Ford probably saved money by using the same wiring harness for everything and plugged in what the build sheet called for.
  3. Uh Oh.... Transmission Trouble E4OD

    I could try but the green corrosion by the other chip is harder to fix and could still be an issue. I've got the New ECU from http://www.fiveologyracing.com So I'll swap that In an hope that this ends my drive-ability gremlin. Looks like acess to the injector harness on the pass-side of the engine involves taking off the upper-intake. I'm still thinking about a set of injectors since I have to take stuff apart any way. I was to the point that I was going to start replacing sensors and open up wiring looms to find the issue. I'm still worried about any damage that could of been done to my transmission while I have been driving the Bronco trying to find the issue.
  4. Uh Oh.... Transmission Trouble E4OD

    The issue with my Bronco seem'd too erratic. Transmission issues, injector issues, code 33 improving how the Bronco felt to me as the driver. I gave up checking for sensors and went for the EEC. Found out I have a damaged EEC IV unit. Brown spot under Capacitor. Green fuzz under the resistor and under
  5. Fuel Injector size

    This was the info I was looking for early'r but couldn't find. http://web.archive.org/web/20131025020348/http://oldfuelinjection.com/?p=38
  6. Uh Oh.... Transmission Trouble E4OD

    Tested engine vacuum, I have 18" at idle but it floats from 17.5 to 19. But when the needle floats so does the RPM. I have a VERY LOUD clicking noise coming from fuel injector #5, when I unplug it my idle quality doesn't change. But if I unplug 6, 7,or 8 I idle quality will change. Tested my fuel pressure reg. 36psi at idle with vacuum line attached. 41psi with vacuum line removed. I was noticing that the needle was bouncy with the fuel system at 41psi. Kinda like the fuel system was flowing more fluid on one side then the other. I'm wondering if I have a problem with bad injectors, wiring problem, or a bad PCM/ECU.
  7. Cruise Control

    Just want'd to post an up-date on the progress of this issue. Had the turn signal switch replaced and the issue still is there. Mechanic diagnosed the issue to be the cruise servo. Was looking at O'reilly's web site to get a new one buy they don't seem to match my part. Do I need to reuse my own cable or do I need to find a servo with a cable?
  8. Uh Oh.... Transmission Trouble E4OD

    Items in unknown condition, 8 fuel injectors fuel press regulator fuel pump Coolant temp Sensor Air Temp Sensor I'm willing to replace the fuel injectors with new. I have a new/used adjustable fuel pressure regulator that could be install'd. Bronco pulls good and hard at WOT so I don't thnk fuel pump is an issue.
  9. Uh Oh.... Transmission Trouble E4OD

    No codes. No Flashing O/D O/D light doesn't blink when shifting. I have checked the condition of my electrical connector on the pass side of the transmission and it looks fine. I remembered to look for those things first. I never thought about the EGR valve. I can check that just to be sure. Everything I found on the internet last night points to the Torque converter. I had a clicking noise come from the Bronco last night after going up a 7-8% grade for 10minutes. The clicking noise was soft at first but got louder while I was looking for it. I could hear it while in park. The Clicking noise would change with RPM. The Noise did go away when I got 5min back down the grade. I would say about 4th gear is went away. update: I did get the Bronco to drive better. I sealed off the EGR from the intake using heavy duty silver tape. (Stuff makes a great gasket) No change. Unplugged the EGR but kept the vac line attached. I now have better throttle response! Torque converter lockup requires going 45mph vs 35mph and the pulsing in 3rd has lighten'd up to the point that its barely noticeable. Transmission still feels like it doesn't hold power very well in 4th. Still feels like the engine has a miss. Now have Code 33 Bco drives better with code 33 then no code at all.
  10. I think I have been fighting this issue the whole time but I keep adding and changing parts on the Bronco so often that its hard to tell what is what. When I'm in 3rd and watch the RPMs drop when the torque converter engages, the Bronco starts pulsing. This issue is most noticeable in 3rd and 4th when using lite to medium throttle. If I'm accelerating above 3000rpm I don't feel this pulsing. Kinda feels like a miss fire. Or like a bad injector. Also noticing the Bronco won't hold much of an engine load with the Torque converter engaged. I have had transmission overheating issues in the past. What do ya'll think?
  11. 2020 Ford Bronco Thoughts

    The Smaller size of the 2020 will reflect what the Bronco first was. (Not a 1/2ton MPV) The size will allow the Bronco to fit on trails better and thus take the fight to Jeep. But Ford has to realize that the Bronco will need a Higher then currently average ground clearance to keep up with Jeeps. I'm waiting to see what more Ford will say about the Bronco. Won't lie, kinda sad its not a 1/2ton V8 SUV.
  12. Bronco Suspension

    Good tip! Didn't know their are so many options about rear springs. Form what I now My F-250 Springs won't fit every well Was hoping for a free upgrade.
  13. What Did you Do With Your Bronco Today???

    Too bad I havn't finish'd my MAF swap. Could of sent ya an extra.
  14. What Did you Do With Your Bronco Today???

    Pesky trees. If they arn't dripp'n sap on the paint they're try'n to take ya out the old fashioned way. Glad the Bronco is ok. ... Was almost 70°F when I got home from work today. Thought I'd celebrate by changing the oil.
  15. Bronco Suspension

    Bet ya'll are wondering when I'm gunna slow down on these changes to the Bronco. I guess the answer would be, "when my tools break." Ok, Bronco Suspension. Talk about a topic that probably has more threads then one could ever imagine. Here is why I'm wanting to change the springs. Under full throttle the Bronco squats pretty hard and the nose goes up more then I want. In corners I have more Body roll then I want. I go off road once or twice a year one. Even then I'm on the easy trail because I don't want the bushes to scratch my paint. So I want to stiffn' up the ride a lil' I have the rear springs from Project Betty (my 1992 F-250 4x4) that I are in good shape still. I believe those will fit under the Bronco No issue. (if I'm wrong let me know.) I can also use the rear sway bar from the F-250 to replace the smaller one that is currently in the Bronco. The Plan is to buy a lager Front sway bar (Currently looking at a 1 1/8") and to purchase heaver springs for the front of the Bronco to match the new heavy'r rear springs. Here is my issue that I'm finding, I want a Constant Rate Spring that won't change the ride height of the Bronco. The issue is that the MOOG cc820 and cc824 is a Variable Rate coil. And the F-250 HD Spring is a 630lb spring and that is just too harsh for a Bronco. I'm looking for something in the 450lb range. any ideas?