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  1. kybronco68

    Dana 30 king pin covers

    Yes the square piece , I got the four bolts out of all of them but that’s when I ran into problems. I will let you know when I get them loose. Thanks
  2. kybronco68

    Dana 30 king pin covers

    Tearing down my Dana 30 and these king pin covers are a beast I have heated , oiled and jack hammered those boogers to no avail any ideas ? i may cut them off if I have to , but I wonder if they sell them after market ? Thanks for any help .
  3. kybronco68

    68 bronco restore or rebuild?

    Hey now lol Ihave been a busy boy! Just had that conversation that I could sink more money into it than I could get back she doesn't get the concept of the fact that I paid 1100.00 for it and now its a collectible we guys have a tough road justifying our toys but I keep trying! Oh I have a garage and I'm an owner operator trucker
  4. kybronco68

    68 bronco restore or rebuild?

    Thanks guys I value your advice you can't imagine how many times I have been told to get rid of it by ex wife and even new girlfriend but I know it has value and will only increase in value down the road so I guess what I need to find out is what restoration entails what makes it valuable what not to do to harm the value like I said the rear fenders were already cut the front seats were gone but still has rear seat its very pain jane original color was red and white witch was faded to a pink so I covered it in probaly not smart but pink was too much for me. When I get home I will post some pics as I'm doing this on my blackberry now thanks again for any advice you can give
  5. HI Guys I need opinions because I can see going either way on this so I want fresh eyes I have a 68 bronco with a 170 6cylinder. Fenders on rear have been cut. I basically bought it cause the body was straight with some rust on the inside floor pannels and rear deck. But the top and body are in pretty good shape.now here's my dilema I've had it for quite some time and now I have a daughter who is 2 now. I would like to pass it on to her when she is 16 so we got some time. Anyway should I restore it for value or rebuild it like I first dreamed by swapping in a v8 cutting the body lifting you know all that jazz. Also kentucky where I live is making it hard on the old vehicles right now its not licensed but this past year they tried to slap me with a big property tax incrrase saying it was valued at 8000.00 even when I showed them pictures and explained it wasn't even running. How is everbody getting around this. I want her to have it when I'm gone but taxes might be outragious by then. Thanks guys