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  1. Yes after 25 years its just a $7 safety inspection, lights, horn, wipers they don't drive them, had the new wipers laying on the floor. Much easier than when I bought it with the new exhaust that had a couple of expensive issues in a emission's county like Harris. Heck if Id have done her Antique it doesn't even need an inspection and tags are good for 5 years. I guess they figure if your driving something that old, you're probably taking care of it
  2. So I went mudding or drove through some mud, anyway this unit will be getting painted rattle can black soon! First real trip since back on the road from church and due to not reactivating my toll tag yet I was curzzing the feeder on my return from church when the largest BMW made, with PAPER tags exited the highway and came right on top of me! I didn't try to swerve to the right or even hit the horn! I figured if they cant see the giant red Bronco then they can support me. Would have been the 4th time in 5 years road time, 2 years sitting! Best I can figure is it is painted with Invisible Red paint? Finally I guess the side sensors went off, but it was almost into the tires as they stick out some. Crazy down here!
  3. Will do sir Seems now all I want to do is buy the 5 or 6 Broncos at the car lot by me, plus I know where 2 others are sitting in fields. May be too late for one of them? Wonder if I can start a government funded, non-profit Bronco Rescue Organization? I’ll need a shop, with a drive on lift and a regular frame lift too. Was gonna drive in to work this morning, but decided I should crawl back under her and check everything out now that she has 70 or so miles on her
  4. In your best WN voice everybody sing On The Road Again! So she is legal and back on the road today! Not sure what’s in her future, new carpet for sure and y’all really need to pitch in and buy me a Corbeau seat! Just the drivers side, unless you want to get me both? While she won’t be a “daily” anymore, it good to have back on the road, we’ve covered 3 NHRA Spring Nationals, 3 Division 4 races, 4 years of various Rodeo Houston concerts and who knows how many other concerts around Houston? The night the 3rd tooth went we were covering a show. After 2 years of not driving her it’s like driving in NASCAR, constantly working the wheel. That with the ne gear box. And then went I went to get my inspection, noticed at the first light a small car lot with a 70s Bronco out front! Stopped in later, there 5 or 6 Bronco’s in there! That can’t be good, except I gots no more money to buy another right now.
  5. I finished hanging the rear differential, (you should hang the sway bar before hand), that took a bit to get started. Then thought I was gonna have to get my diesel hammer after the RS brake shoes. The white stuff in the rear is some sort of toxic substance that grew under the cardboard and spare tire these last 2 years! Had to pull the rear window motor to get the rear window down, its pretty tight may be binding after getting hit. What surprised me was the right side tail light, it went right in once I got the tail gate down! Still need to get it inspected and then file for a salvage title! P.S. Life was easier in the days with the drive on lift, but that 6am completion time each morning was rough! Richard
  6. Finally, the Bronco had been sitting after getting hit and the rear diff finally calling it with the 3rd tooth coming off! During that time I became dumber and forgot the password here and to the email I had listed! Thanks to Miseak5 and the BZ admins as well as the FSB site for the assistance! I EVEN got a temp Facebook trying to get back in! FSB look like a great site, but been here since the start, photographed a lot of concerts in my absence and got the 79 FLH back on the road too! Here's what's up, finally got the rear diff rebuilt and is hanging, more work to do this weekend and then get a salvaged title due to the right corner damage Richard
  7. So trying to decide what to do, after being a daily driver, sitting is not good for her! If it would have had a 9" in her there would be a Canon 5D Mark3 in my camera bag and the Bronco in the driveway. I have to admit the 2017 F150 goes twice the distance, extremely quite (I heard a pine needle caught under the wiper slapping the windshield and the full on stereo is nice! My plan had be to keep her after the insurance totaled it, I had just put on the new front hubs, after the wreck and the new springs right before she got hit? I'm wondering if the third tooth failed with the pinion bearing or were all 3missing until thx pinion issue? I didn't pull the cover when it popped the second hole, just JB welded it up, topped off the fluid and kept on going for over a year! And the first missing tooth had 2 years! Motorcycle's are my thing, can't even find a decent 3 legged unit. Hate to see her sitting and miss driving her! She did get me home from my concert shoot that night! But pushing 5 months now just sitting with my new tires too!
  8. Probably not a great mudder
  9. Yeah she has no rust, except a little on top of the fender where she got hit the first time. I already have the blue tape and primer to fix those two spots and I guess I'll just silicone the lower holes where she got hit this time. Then I fond these yesterday, which are pretty cool
  10. One side down, had to stop for coffee
  11. Well 5200 and change if I total and $4100+ and I keep but it will have to get a salvage title, don't think I'll try to fix it since it almost got rear ended again last night and then another idiot almost took out the entire drivers side this morning. Just keep driving it till they wipe her out! But at least now I can fix the rear diff. May still spray paint her black, since they can't see red! Think Ill remove the rear seat and put one of them tilt mount spare tire holders I see in the back of Raptors on her and a couple on 5 gallon fuel can mounts?
  12. The independent shop I stopped by, (since no one they suggested was close or open on the weekend) sent a qouote for 6400.00. Insurance called wanting the mileage as they say that it reaching the value of the truck. There is one of their recommended facilities on the way home I saw the other day, not sure if it would be worth getting an estimate from that location? It's a chain and its hit and miss on the quality depending on where it's located at in Houston
  13. Thanks for the info, sadly that's where all the damage is, you can see where one of the tire rack mount holes is all pulled out. It's possible that it's just the outer metal? Plus the tailgate is damaged on that side as well. But I doubt his insurance is gonna pay to have that type of work done, even if the support and bracing are ok and I'm no body man. Taking to a little body shop right outside the neighborhood in the morning, I've seen the guys older Chevy in the mornings when he opens and that lady I spoke with already inquired if it had been restored in anyway, knowing what insurance company will try and do. Up till this the body was almost perfect, needed to adjust the hood some
  14. That's cool I've never seen that before
  15. Sure they Look Good in Black! Mine will just be rattle can for now and All Black like the first one! Looks like the problem will be the r corner where the tire rack mounts and the tailgate, don't see them on LMC, Jeff's etc. Wasn't looking in the right spot for the tailgate
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