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  1. The current shocks and leaf springs look like they need an update, I've attached some pictures. Might be a ridiculous question, but is there a way to tell if this suspension has a lift?
  2. I got the rig back from the shop and now have a full list of items I am going to start on, at the top of the list is suspension, bushings and body mounts. My guess is that it would make sense to do all at one time. Does anyone have experience or advice on the order of changing this out? Also best to use rubber or polly for the body mounts? I don't want the rubber to deteriorate like the current, but also want a smooth ride. Thanks!
  3. After pricing out all of the panels and miscellaneous items that would be needed, plus shipping...lots of shipping I decided to hold off on this project. I think I will attempt to see what I can accomplish myself. There will be plenty of questions I'm sure. I appreciate all of the help, and will keep everyone posted of the progress.
  4. Spoke to Wild Horses and they seemed to think it was a great price for the work involved. I have identified most items I will need, but I am sure there may be items we will run into. Does anyone have a good diagram of the body panel breakdown? Also the quarter panels seem like they will be a headache, my guess is there are not upper and lower which are all in one? Thanks again for all the help
  5. Thanks! I'll reach out to them. I'll keep y'all updated
  6. I have zero experience with body work. My other concern is the longevity. The previous bondo was falling apart. I am willing to spend the money if it makes sense. Does it sound correct for that price to pull all old panels off, put new on and paint? I know there is a good amount of labor involved, I just have no good reference point.
  7. Thanks for the input. Got a call today from restoration shop. Their recommendation is purchase all new panels, hood, tailgate and windshield frame. Concern of theirs is the labor to make these items paintable and look good will cost more than new panels. Does anyone have an idea on this cost? They are quoting $12,000 for all labor and paint, I buy the parts. If they come across unexpected areas of repair they will absorb cost. Thanks
  8. I currently have the Bronco in a shop for some new installs, also hoping to finish it off with paint and body work. The current paint has always been a little rough in some spots. After speaking to them and checking some troubled spots it looks like there may be more rust than expected. The seam between the upper and lower quarter panels has quite a bit of bondo, after removing some the metal has a good amount of seperation/holes throughout the weld. Also rusted wheel wells and lower tailgate which I expected. There are areas with very rough spots, in my mind it could be someone just painted right over the previous paint. Or worse it could be pitting from more rust. Any recommendations on a route to take? Could most of the exterior panels be salvaged or start looking at new body panels? I am not looking for it to be show quality, but would like it to be presentable and last. Considering any route will most likely be expensive. Thanks for any input or past experiences.
  9. Finally getting back to work on the rig, paint and body work to come soon. I took off the half cab hard top a few years ago when I installed the roll bars, keeping it just in case. I don't see a need or want to ever put this item back on though. Does anyone have a good idea of a value on this item? I see new ones going for $2K, used from $600-$1,250. It's not in terrible shape, and I previously gave it some R&R on some rough spots on the interior. Thanks for any input.
  10. Thanks for all the help! Rig fired right up! I'm sure I will begin more projects in the near future. 20180915_153542.mp4
  11. Thanks for the info, Will be working on this in the next week. I watched a few vids on extended storage and starting the engine...would your recommendation be to change oil before or after? I figured before, but I am starting the wonder if it would be better after oil has had a chance to warm up a little. That way I can drain all the gunk out during the change. Any advise on previous experience or thoughts?
  12. Thanks for the help on previous post all. I am closing in on getting the rig back up and running. It has been in garage without running for about 2 years and wanted to be sure I covered all my bases before firing the beast up. I've just installed new fuel tank. Also will be filling tires up, changing oil and charging battery. Are there any key items I need to check before turning the key? I have never had it sit so long before, unfortunately the day job had been in the way. Thanks for any tips!
  13. I got this kit from Bronco Graveyard. Do the end caps need to be removed on this after install? Thanks
  14. Hey everyone, Its been quite some time since I have been back on the forum. Glad to say I am once again working on the Bronco. About a year ago I started a project to replace the rear fuel tank. Unfortunately I did not take pictures and didn't realize it would be a year later that I would install the new tank. Should be a simple question, the two small connectors on the side next to the filler hose and the vent hose are covered with a red plug. Do these just stay in the tank? I remember my last tank had nothing connected here, but was not sure if something was covering them. Product I purchased is attached. Thanks for any help! Glad to be back!
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