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  1. Issue has been fixed! Thanks Bully Bob for getting me to Grant. They helped me troubleshoot the issue, which was the copper contact ring. Once swapped out the horn is working like it should.
  2. Thanks for steering me in the right direction! I will keep you posted.
  3. As I was putting back together it immediately began honking again....I took this video of how when the backing plate is pressed against the contacts it seems to cause a connection. Is there a way to rewire this to just have the wires connected instead of using these contact points? 20190806_182543.mp4
  4. Sorry for the delay, finally found some time to dig into the column a bit for inspection. I will post a few images, I tried to resize so sorry if they are large. It seems there are two contact points and when the wheel is turned a certain direction/angle it is making a ground somewhere. I am going to try and adjust this and see if it continues. If anyone has an idea of a cause or fix, please advise. Thanks!
  5. I will keep you posted. To your previous post, the horn will honk without the two wires touching. I am guessing somewhere in the column or under the dash the circuit is being completed by a frayed wire or something else.
  6. They did install a new turn signal switch, all of the wiring is brand new. The horn button is in good condition, there are two wires which connected to the back of the horn "button".
  7. Thanks for the input, I will try to answer these. Recently had a new wiring harness installed, along with that the horn "button" was moved back into the steering wheel. (Previous owner had rigged a button under the dash for the horn). 1. At the steering wheel 2. Randomly honks at all times, even with steering wheel disconnected. 3. There are two wires coming out of column to the horn, if I pull on one it stops the horn. 4. Aftermarket Thanks again for any advice!
  8. I am having issues with a recently rewired horn, I am guessing the wires are touching something in the column or under dash but have no idea how to locate the issue. The horn randomly honks, even with steering wheel and horn button removed. I can pull on one of the wires to make it stop, but after releasing it will start honking again. Any ideas where to start without tearing things apart? Thanks
  9. The current shocks and leaf springs look like they need an update, I've attached some pictures. Might be a ridiculous question, but is there a way to tell if this suspension has a lift?
  10. I got the rig back from the shop and now have a full list of items I am going to start on, at the top of the list is suspension, bushings and body mounts. My guess is that it would make sense to do all at one time. Does anyone have experience or advice on the order of changing this out? Also best to use rubber or polly for the body mounts? I don't want the rubber to deteriorate like the current, but also want a smooth ride. Thanks!
  11. After pricing out all of the panels and miscellaneous items that would be needed, plus shipping...lots of shipping I decided to hold off on this project. I think I will attempt to see what I can accomplish myself. There will be plenty of questions I'm sure. I appreciate all of the help, and will keep everyone posted of the progress.
  12. Spoke to Wild Horses and they seemed to think it was a great price for the work involved. I have identified most items I will need, but I am sure there may be items we will run into. Does anyone have a good diagram of the body panel breakdown? Also the quarter panels seem like they will be a headache, my guess is there are not upper and lower which are all in one? Thanks again for all the help
  13. Thanks! I'll reach out to them. I'll keep y'all updated
  14. I have zero experience with body work. My other concern is the longevity. The previous bondo was falling apart. I am willing to spend the money if it makes sense. Does it sound correct for that price to pull all old panels off, put new on and paint? I know there is a good amount of labor involved, I just have no good reference point.
  15. Thanks for the input. Got a call today from restoration shop. Their recommendation is purchase all new panels, hood, tailgate and windshield frame. Concern of theirs is the labor to make these items paintable and look good will cost more than new panels. Does anyone have an idea on this cost? They are quoting $12,000 for all labor and paint, I buy the parts. If they come across unexpected areas of repair they will absorb cost. Thanks
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