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  1. I'm not totally opposed to the bars, I just haven't found any that I really like. Actually, I'm leaning toward running boards, rather than the bars. To me, the bars look like what they are, add-on. I'd like boards that look like they were factory installed by Ford. Any suggestions?
  2. I have a full size (33x12.50) spare on the rack. The truck didn't have a spare when I bought it, so I went with what it had on the four wheels. It fits fine, but if I had given it more thought I should have just waited until I got the smaller tires (31x10.50). The tires it has are in pretty good shape and the new spare has never been used. It cost me $270. Guess I'll try to sell th...

  3. Some more images, very nice!! So what size tire you have mounted on the rack? I am pretty much screwed the dry rotted, really small tire on mine probably won't help much. I want to add a matching setup, just not a 12.50, maybe a 33x10 if it will fit? Heck I ain't bought a jack yet either, guess I should do that this weekend?

  4. Also known as the "Money Pit". My 1993 Eddie Bauer. I looked looked long and hard for a Bronco in this condition. Found it on Craig s List, just 40 miles from here. Needs a few more updates on interior parts, but runs great and it's a blast to drive! Wife wants me to put Nerf Bars on it, but holding off as long as I can. Has 33x12.50x15 tires which I plan on changing out for 31x10.50. Maybe then she'll be able to climb in without the Nerfs. I've added new A/C, total new brake system, new interior upholstery. I'm going to change out the auto lock hubs for manual hubs], hopefully the gas mileage will improve a bit with them. Thanks for looking.
  5. Looks nice mine is a 93 as well, not an EB, you should post some more images when you get time. Mine needs some work and since I really did not buy it to play in the mud I need some tires that make less noise! I will still keep the mudders just in case?

  6. First of all.... Many thanks to "miesk5"!! He's all over this site and is willing to offer his knowledge and expertise with Broncos to anyone that asks for help. I, for one, truly appreciate his willingness to do so. now for the boring stuff.... I'm a retired law enforcement officer, a game warden to some. During my career, I've had the opportunity to drive many patrol vehicles, including sedans, trucks and SUVs. I quickly learned that SUVs were the one vehicle that offered off-road ability, cargo capacity and comfort. When you spend 10 to 12 hours in a vehicle, those are all important, especially as you grow older. I've also had the opportunity to drive vehicles by many different manufactures, including Ford, Chevy and Chrysler. Fortunately, our agency never bought any "rice-burners", so I'll never be able to provide a true evaluation of all vehicles. However, of those I did drive, my Ford Broncos were the most "fun-to-drive"! For those of us that had to spent 10 to 12 hours in a vehicle everyday.....fun-to-drive, trumps everything else!!! Broncos are fun, cool, and they look great! Don't worry about gas mileage. In the big scheme of things, don't sweat the small stuff. Enjoy driving that big beast! When I retired, and having put two daughters through college, I decided that I'd finally earned the "right" to splurge on something I truly wanted. My spurge took the form of a Bronco. I looked at some Broncos that should have been shot, and "put down". But eventually, good things come to those that wait. I've extremely happy to be driving my 93 EB! When you get to be my age, happiness takes some strange forms. My advice to everyone.... Folks, learn to appreciate those minor moments in life, because the big one don't come around very often. Life is great, live it!
  7. Thanks for the quick response! Now I understand why I didn't notice anything failing after I wasn't able to re-connect the wire. I don't believe the chime was working at all when I purchased the Bronco, thus I didn't know it wasn't properly wired. Now that I know what it's for, I'm not sure I really want to fix it. I'll give that some more thought. While we're on the subject, should I lubricate the cylinder with graphite or a petroleum based lubricant? As far as the dealer, I'm really limited on the option of finding another one, since I live in the Florida Keys. None here, I have to drive 30 miles into Miami to find the closest. I'll live with it for now. Thanks again for your help.
  8. When I purchased my 93 Bronco Eddie Bauer, it had an after market ignition key switch which seemed to be dragging when I tried to start the vehicle. I put some Graphite powder in it but it eventually failed, anyway. While putting in a new Motor-craft ignition cylinder, I noticed that a 1-wire connector that plugs into the underside of the cylinder was damaged. The plastic connector that plugs the wire terminal into the underside of the cylinder was broken. I can no longer plug the connector into the cylinder. My first question is what does the wire connect to and what does it do? I've not noticed anything malfunctioning since I was not able to reconnect it. My second question is where might I find a replacement part for it? I've been to the nearest Ford Dealer to try to find it. No lock on finding it. the part has one wire attached to it and the connector is semi-circular and it plugs into the underside if the lock cylinder. any help on this will be greatly appreciated.
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