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    My 79

    Those are natural gas tanks. They are gone now and it looks a bunch better.
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    My 79

    100% sure. I guess unless there is a small suspension lift I don't know about. Which I guess is possible because I didn't do the work. I bought it as it sits in the picture. But yes they are 35's.
  3. zip

    My 79

    3"body lift with 35's. I'm thinking of taking off the body lift and going with a 4" suspension.
  4. zip

    My 79

    1979 XLT 429, 4spd
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    From the album: My 79

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    From the album: My 79

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    From the album: My 79

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    From the album: My 79

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    From the album: My 79

  10. This wanted to come home with me. I didn't have the heart to tell it no.
  11. Hello all. I owned a 66 Bronco many years ago, had to sell do to a relocation of the family. Over the winter I picked up a 79. It basically cost me my time. I work weekends and have been helping out a couple days a week at the local wreckers. Now as you can see it is pretty rough. It sat since 2003 when the local law basically parked it. It requires a full inspection before it can see the road again. A few weeks ago I looked at another 79. conditiontion was rough but better than the one I currently have and it couldlicensednced. I couldn't pull the trigger on it for some reason and left saying I will call tomorrow and let you know what I'm going to do. It was probably sold before I got home. Last week I looked at another one. Much better shape than mine and the one I looked at. No engine but a 429 sitting in the garage. Again I go home. Tuesday I got kind of nervous because the add was no longer on Craigslist. As it turns out the add had expired. I called the fellow and said I'll be there this evening with a trailer. So Tuesday I came home with it and about 4 boxes of assorted engine pieces, including a new in the box oil pan, new in the box water pump, new in the box plug wires, Edelbrock intake. I'll pick up the engine next week along with another 3 or 4 boxes of stuff.
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