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  1. it JUST fits in my garage... i have to take the antenna off and lay it down and push the door up with my hand as i drive haha.
  2. the wood is MDf. it was the right thickness that i wanted and it cuts into shapes real nice. the blue is just some fabric i picked up at my local fabric store. its very thin and stretchy.
  3. just wanted to show off my hard work. let me know what u guys think. cardboard template wood
  4. My water temp and oil pressure gauges don't work on the dash. Decided to install some digital gauges into my custom center consol instead. Basically my question is where does the sending unit plug into the engine. The instructions say I need some adapter to go into the upper radiator hose. That just doesn't sound right to me. I'll attach a pic of what the gauge came with.
  5. the part number is 1483 stamped on it. seems right. i got a new gasket set for the manifold to engine, and it came with those gaskets too. it fit the driver side so i figured it was supposed to go in there.
  6. By the way, everything fits correctly on the driver side which makes me lean tword a manifold problem rather then the pipe itself
  7. My exhaust pipe doesnt fit up to my passanger side exhaust manifold correctly. It seems like the flanged end of the pipe is too small for the mouth of the manifold. Maybe its the wrong manifold?(i just bought the bronco recently and it had alot of jerry riggings) here's some pics. Also, the last pic shows the gasket that goes in between. It fits flush. Shouldnt it fit inside the manifold part way? Thanks for the help in advance
  8. ill do a load test when i get the timing checked. two birds with one stone.
  9. You keep saying its the battery/cables but iv replaced all of them. Brand new optima yellewtop. ALL brand newwires. I didnt spare any exspense. Iv checked, rechecked, and rechecked again for tightness on all connections. Im having the timing checked today. I was thinking maybe if the timing is off a lil it would run a little hot and heatsoak the starter. Ill let you know if that solves anything
  10. I just feel like all those places try to screw you to make money. I dont know any place that id trust around me. I know no matter what the problem is their gonna say i need a new tranny. This economy has made people shady. Any advice on finding a place that wont f me over?
  11. ill have to do the test later. i wont be home for a lil. but it turns over extreamly slow. never does it not turn over at all or turn over at a normal speed but not start. just very slowly.
  12. isnt it a good idea to replace the tc after 135k miles on it anyway. even if i get a tranny rebuild i figured id be getting a new tc at the same time anyway.
  13. So i took it for a night ride up into the hills. Kind of werid thing. I rode it to the top of the mountain (about a 20 min drive, wayyy long enough to have the problem im having) got to the top. Turned it off. Started right back up! I did a lil dance and went home. Parked it. Tried to start it again and it wouldnt start again! Im out of ideas now
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