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  1. http://www.finn.no/finn/torget/annonse?finnkode=51976553&searchclickthrough=true&searchQuery=ford%20f250 It's this on. 89 modell year. I dont know how the axels look like since i havent seen the truck yet... :/ Didn't the 250 come with TTB axel?? Looks like a lot of job then.... Maybe regearing is easyer....
  2. Yes! i have to change both axels. One of my problems will be that the F- 250 has 8 wheel lug pattern and my Bronco have only 6........
  3. I had a problem with my TPS sensor. It came up on the KOER codes. Its the easy way to test it.
  4. Highway driving mostly. It feels ok, but it needs al little more acceleration power.... I have heard the best with 35" is 4,56, but 4,11 is better then 3,55 right?? Anyway.. Can i use the axels from the 250 F series same model year as my Bronco??
  5. Hi! Greetings from Norway! I have put on som 35" on my Bronco. My axels are stock: Axelcode 19. 3.55 ratio. So it doesn't run very well uphill. Since it so expensive regearing the axels i have found a cheap Ford F-250 for sale with axelcode c5. According to this website http://www.ford-trucks.com/articles/ford-axle-code-chart/ this is a axel with 4.10 ratio and LSD diff. (rear). Can i use the axels from this F-250 on my 88 Bronco?? If i can, is it bolt on?
  6. Yes, i saw a video on youtube of a regeared truck that wad doing 3000rpm in 60mph. Thats way to high. Can you find the regearkit on Ebay?
  7. Amen yo that. I too run 35 on stock gearing and its driving me mad!!!!! I hear 450 is a good gearing?????
  8. Well i got mutch more deeper sound from my 3" exhaust after the k&n installation. But thats only when i go flat out. Maybe with oem exhaust there is no differens?
  9. This will not increes HP im afraid. I have mounted K&N filter on my Bronco, but only for the sound it makes. Myth busted!!!! BTW: (Norway say's hello!!! )
  10. Okey! Tnx! I have the "gap guards" ready for installation. But have to make my own bumper brackets maybe. It looks funny the way it is now. The brake cables was not a problem for me, same with the 4wd shifter since mine is electric. hehe.
  11. I have a question: I have just mounted a 3" bodylift on my 88 Bronco. I have modified the tankfillerpipe and the gearboxrod. I have checked the fuel and break lines (seemst ok.), Modified the cap around the fan. Is there anything else to do with this mod? Just whant to be sure im doing evrything right. (It works fine as im driving btw.)
  12. Today i finaly found the problem. It was the fuel pressureregulator that did most of the problems. So i changed it, adjusted the ignition timing from 5 to 10 degreed. Now the truck goes like a dream. In one uphill nearby i used to do 40 mph, now it can do 65mph. Up the same hill. I am happy. :)
  13. Hi! I was going trough some stuff that came with the car i bought. Found this piece of paper with a resistor. I assume this is just rubbish, but have somewon tried this? If not, this is going in the trashcan....
  14. However: If it turns out it is the EVP sensor. Is it ok to block it? Or should i buy a new one.?
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