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  1. The front clip is definitely from an 87 through 91.they may have switched the front clip because of the tree falling on the truck or for looks, but the parts between 81 and 91 are fairly interchangeable. I would go by the VIN number as to the actual year of the truck.
  2. I have to do the hubs and fuel pump on my father in laws expedition and im not sure what to expect, does anyone have any hints or tips that can make it easier, and also are there any special tools I am going to need to do this?
  3. That looks like the stock cowling that comes on the bumper from the factory, you could probably find one at a junk yard for cheap.
  4. How can you tell if the throttle cable is stretched?
  5. Hmmm it could be the fuel pump, now the relay you replaced on the fender well was it new or what? Because I know a few people who have gotten bad ones two and three times.
  6. That was very helpful, thank you, but one question I plan on doing the 3g alternator upgrade, do you think I will have any different problems cuz my bronco is a 90 with fuel injection, and do you have any more tips?
  7. Now when you say you have to turn the key two or three times, does the motor turn over or does nothing happen?
  8. If you do the swap, please take lots of pictures and post it on here because I like the 92-96 front ends better anyway and I'd be interested in doing the swap if it would work.
  9. I'm looking to do a manual hub conversion on my bronco but my hubs are the 5 screw and the only conversion kit I can find is for the six screw hubs, but when I look at the fitment years on JBG it says for 80-96 the part number is 32126. Thanks for any help
  10. Well personally I'd go with the 302 In my experience they are easier to find parts for and more reliable, also I would stay with carburated since it already has one in it it will make the swap easier, you also need to figure out what transmission you have and see what mods u will have to do to get it to bolt up.
  11. One of the ways I've been told to find an oil leak is to totally clean and dry the motor then coat it on baby powder then drive it for a week or so then check it and you should be able to see where it starts.
  12. Wow that seems like a lot more than I can handle right now lol, but I really wanna do it.
  13. I had a friend who was running mickey Thompson Baja claws ( 39.5s) and he did great on and off road, and how hard was the actual motor swap, like fitting the motor and doing the wiring etc?
  14. I'm very jealous lol, I really want to make my bronco diesel.
  15. Well your 85 already has a Dana 44 in the front its just the independent front suspension.
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