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  1. The 74' didn't have the "Y" style steering set up from the factory. If you have front disc brakes on your truck you may have the knuckles from a 76-77' and they switched over to the same steering set up used for those same year Broncos. They did this because they didn't what to buy custom tie rods. The mounting distance is different from the drum knuckles on the D44 and the disc Knuckles. I used the Knuckles from a F150 in my disc brake set up. This allows me to run the stock steering from drum knuckles to the new ones with some adapters due to larger tie rod mounting holes. I know Wild horses makes a T style to fit the Y style size length, or you can go with a Heim joint steering. You also mentioned power steering. The 74' I stripped down had power steering already which is now on my 66'. If you don't have it I think it is a must for a trail rig.
  2. any Maryland gear heads

  3. I'm looking into the NP205 myself.
  4. Wish I had the four speed. I have a c4 in my rig, but It had the 3 speed from factory. I'm thinking of going back to a standard trans. I like the ZF S542 or Zf S547. Your 4 speed is most likely a NP435 and a great wheeling trans with a good low granny gear. I myself like driving a the manual better than a automatic. I feel if you get stuck a manual is better, you can't really rock a automatic. I would get the 4 speed repaired or replaced. Most likely you will save some money over getting a C6 and adaptors. Adaptors alone are over 4 hundred dollars. If you really want to got auto you should search Wild horses, Jeffs Bronco Grave yard, Toms Bronco parts and more to see what this may cost you. Unless you get lucky and find a donor from another vehicle. Good luck, Steve
  5. With the F150 parts tie rod lenth is 48inches same as stock on a 66-75'. As per wild Horses Stock conponets can be use with the use of sleeves on the knuckles,(P/n 2382)because the stock tapered studs are too small. I wish I had done this conversion, but I went with stock 76-77' parts. That puts the tie rod at 50 inches.
  6. Idle set too low? Does it idle in your driveway, while in park?
  7. I definitely agree with you!
  8. This is strange to me. Every Bronco I see with the original seats all have the low back buckets as found in the early Mustangs. But I saved the seats from a 74' Bronco Ranger that I parted out, and these seats where high back buckets with a matching rear bench seat.
  9. Thanks, I'm ordering some small D44 items needed to finish up my disc brake converstion. Bronco graveyard did have the best prices on most of these items. They also have a good web site, and catalog.
  10. New to this site. Still trying to figure this format out. Have been on Pirate4x4 for years due to having other four wheel drive vehicles. But started working on my 66' U14 again after it has just been sitting for some years now. Would like to find other Bronco owners near the Baltimore, Maryland area. Thanks, Steve
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