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  1. thanks yes people aren't used to see american cars on france roads.
  2. after my first post, I wanted to take more pics about my bronc'. In France , in my region I'm the only one with a bronco. In the small villages it is not so easy to drive...roads are too small with a flowlaster exhasut kit it is really better, nice sound...and nice look <'>
  3. Hello everybody, I wrote a post to introduce myself, but I think it will be better to continue writting about my Bronc' here. So I wanted to sell it because I have 4 cars. But...I can't. I love it ! yes it is true . So I found rockauto for my bronco parts to buy air filter, exhaust manifold,... and I bought a flowmaster exhaust but i don't remember the site. First impression: sound...Hmmm really nice and the look is nicer too. My exhaust kit had 19 years old so it was a bit broken. Before : After... I will take news photos because those ones aren't really nice.
  4. Last Sunday in France (I live in a little town 50 kms at the North of Paris
  5. yes thanks a lot <'> But unfortunately for the low range I think there is a problem with mine. I asked to us cars specialist and he told me that it is usual that low range doesn't work, because nobody has used it for a long time so now it is out of order
  6. ok thanks for your advice. So I can write on this post just to say that Bronco is really a nice car...but roads in Frabce are not so large (except the higway) so sometimes in the small village it is difficult to drive it, and to park it. And some people are a bit jealous and ecologist so they steal your gas in the tank or they burst yout tire......french are really special...they get car just to go to work but not to enjoy the driving pleasure. I hope you understand me. But for me I don't care about it...I had a mercedes c55 amg v8, I have now a bmw 325 ix e30 and an audi A5 but not french car because they are really fucking cars lol. it was my daily expression
  7. ok so if you wan't, you can move my post to the 80-86 tech support. It is because of bolts problems that I don't want to do it...and to make it easylier...it is on the air conditionning system side. So if the bolts break...I have to move the engine out. Really worst case
  8. thanks for your advice I'm going to do it now. Yes Bourcier seems to be from France. Here it is generally written Boursier. I really want to go to US. It would be the 1st time. All of my friends who had studied in US enjoyed a lot. The common french people dream is to run road 66 with Harley Davidson. For me it would be a cadillac deville 1967 A friend of mine has one and it is...amazing. I have to change exhaust gasket but I am really afraid to break everything and being obliged to get the engine out.
  9. Ok. When I turn on the contact, the jauge is under the vertical position, anf when I turn the engine on, it is between vertical and 18. The last owner changed battery maybe it wasn't the good one.
  10. The interior is really clean...but the paint...:-( I really want to do it clean everywhere, and to change my old exhaust system with a new inox one
  11. Thank you very much. yes I have somes problems: problem with the left exhaust gasket (I'M a bit afraid to try to repair it) and My low range doesn't work. That's all. And for my voltage jauge I think that it is ok ? Why do your say it is off ?
  12. Hello, I'm Julien and I live in France. So i hope my English will be ok I'll do my best for it. So, i am 31 years old and I have a passion with US cars, especially v8 engine. I bought a Ford Bronco 5.0 xlt from 1993, 119500 miles. There is a sticker on it "Laguna beach, California). So i suppose that it came from California, but I can't be sure. The paint is really bad but mecanic is Ok (Automatic gearbox was changed in May 2010 at 118500 miles, radiators and tires too). the air conditionning is ok (R413A gas) and cruise control is ok. I changed the brake pads (I don't know if it is correct ),the engine oil 3 times (in order to clean the enfine), air filter,... In France there is a little of Bronco. When I need parts I buy them on rockauto. And there is no forum about ford Bronco that's why I signed in to get information. So here are some photos :
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