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  1. I say take it off. Once u do anything it is not as good as factory seal but it is ur bronco u do what u want. Just be sure to be careful taking it off don't try to flex it too much. If u are careful there should not be any real problem.
  2. How much des a polar bear weight. Enough to break the ice. Hi my name is ....works for me lol
  3. Good looking truck. Send some pics of u mudding lol
  4. i have the same problem. I am not sure how the catalytic converter fixes the problem. I just hake sure the bronco is warmed up before i drive with is alway s a good thing to do any way lol
  5. U been to summit racing and jegs right ? I find huge cowls on there all the time
  6. I have 35" tires on my bronco and it is an 86. I have no problem having enough power to get threw any mud terrain thevlast week and it has been soaked here in Ohio. I have a 4" suspension and 3" body lift. I have been up to my door in this one bog many times and pulled out easilyish lol. This is a great discussion thou I might look intones gears thou.
  7. Dash light do work. I git the whole bronco for 400$ and all that I had had to do is replace the front crank seal. I would like to at least get my gas gauge to work so I dont have to guess lol.
  8. My 86 bronco gas Gage and oil , temp , and the other gauge don't work. If u have any ideas on what could be wrong let me know. But what's the average gas mileage fro a 351 w with a 4 barrel?
  9. I just did this to my 86 351w it was a one price seal. Had to take the trans loose from the engine. My fathers an ASC master and that's the way we did it. Sucks but worth it.
  10. miesk5 thank you for the help I have done that. It did not work. lol. I will try the battery thing and put new fuzes in also. Thanks for the help.
  11. this is kinda funny. My 86 351 also has a rear main seal out and I have to fix that this weekend. only a few days left of hunting season lmao.
  12. I just received my 86 full size Bronco. He's a rusty one I love it. Birthday present from my wife she gets me. My back window does not go down with the window switch. I have not yet checked fuzes or anything like that. All that I am wondering is if there is any normal problems. It really should not be too difficult you have a motor wiring and a switch. Seems easy ya right lmao.
  13. Does anyone know of any good mudding land around Middletown Carlisle or Germantown ?
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