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  1. Its is a pain but worth it when its off...
  2. The only thing was cutting off about 1/2" from one of the L channels (cab alum) that gets screwed into the cab. Since it was used, it was already assembled...so the install was very easy.
  3. I spent a couple hours cleaning the frame and the vinyl...
  4. Thanks! ...and the cargo net ...and the Eddie Bauer Ford luggage
  5. I just installed mine...a used one off craigslist...
  6. Recently installed the soft top...
  7. 2 tb's is quite a bit! I'll help with the beta test.
  8. I got this invitation email last week.. definitely going to check it out. http://www.fordtruckjam.com/
  9. Hi, nice Bronco.... The vibration... could be alignment or balancing... The Gauge... not very accurate, I added an aftermarket one and mounted it under and behind the ash tray. If you just purchased it, I would get All the fluids changed. Oil, trans, axle, etc...
  10. Post it up.... this is the "Non" Bronco thread... your Trans Am meets that requirement.
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