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  1. ok the window keeps comin off the tracks on the left side can i put a bolt threw it. and the motor turns but it just pops mabe grinding a gear.
  2. ok iv checked most of the vacum lines and everthing still blows on defrost is there any thing in the dash that could come loose and cause this. can i put a diff climate control panel from another ford in there. it a 89.
  3. 302 and i think 3.53 whatever came in the truck just had a tune up and had some u joints replaced coming out the transfer case
  4. stock everything just added new tires which are 31s
  5. i have some slack in the stering is there any way to tighten it maybe in the column ... and when i turn it makes a loud noise kinda wining
  6. i have a aod trans and auto hubs push button 4x4
  7. i dont have alot of acceleration and my shift points seem bad.. when i let off the gas it sometimes has a clunk and when i get back on it it will have another clunk any help
  8. 89xlt


    when its cold or i first crank it up it will some time reach 2000 rms til it warms up.
  9. 89xlt


    what drivabily isues could occur
  10. 89xlt


    what is that small white hose to the left in that picture mine seeems to be chewed or broke in half
  11. can i do 4in and 35s on my 89... what is the best lift to run on my truck???
  12. there is one on broncoair.com that looks good but the one for my 89 looks kinda old looking...
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