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  1. just replaced the exhaust on the tank. sooo sore.

  2. Recently my parking lights/tail lights have spiradically been coming on and staying on. I removed the fuse and it solved the problem. Bad thing is driving at night/early morning i have no tails unless i put the fuse back in. Could this be as simple as getting a new fuse or could it possibly be faulty wiring? Any help would be appreciated.
  3. ^That's exactly what I did with my 81 and it worked like a charm. I'd try that out before replacing the motor.
  4. Seems to be a common problem with the broncos. I've greased the runners and seem to have better chances of it going back up. Also, jumping the window motor wouldn't hurt. Might want to look into getting a new one if it's that weak.
  5. Thanks for the input. I'll have to look into that!
  6. After replacing my wheel & spindle bearings, i've noticed my shift knob shaking pretty bad. Might just be that i'm noticing it now, but is this a normal thing? if not any ideas on how to fix it?
  7. It was originally my brothers. He never had the cap off that i know of, but that doesn't mean the previous owners didn't. I'll Let my buddy know what to check. Appreciate the help man
  8. My buddy @ work traded for my brothers 95 xlt. When it's cold or rainy, he's getting condensation from the roof of the cap (so he says), causing his carpet to be wet. It sounds like weatherstripping/seals to me. Any other reason it would be doing this? Doesn't sound like there could be any other reason, unless his floorboards in the rear are shot and the moisture is coming from below, not above.
  9. Yes, one of them catches. Strangely its the side with what i thought was the good hub. The passenger hub doesn't exactly turn well from locked to free. I'm in the process of acquiring the new hubs and u-joints, as well as a few other parts (not related). Hopefully it'll solve the problem as you said. Again i'm new to this so forgive my vague descriptions. I appreciate the help. I'll post an update once the install is complete.
  10. Also, I know half shaft is a front wheel term. I just figured the guy knew nothing about what he was talking about. I just wanted the truck haha.
  11. well, we already tried seeing if the u-joints moved when in and out of 4 wheel, and they move regardless. I know i need new ones. when both hubs are in free mode, the axle will turn freely, then catch and return to turning freely. This of course is happening when i'm driving as well. Sounds like a flat tire noise, even though my tires are to proper pressure. Not sure if this is giving you guys more info or restating the problem. Is there something we're missing?
  12. Ok so when i got my bronc, the guy stated there was a problem with the "half shaft" on the passenger side, preventing it from engaging 4x4. While working on installing new wheel bearings saturday, we noticed the axle engaging and slipping during rotation. Could this be caused by faulty man. locking hubs? that seems to be our thought as they are factory issued, but figured i'd put it up for people who know a little more to get some much needed input. At the moment i'm not driving it until i can find and fix the problem. Any input would be appreciated.
  13. Alrighty then. Btw, i'm scoping out quotes for the bushing mount replacement. I don't necessarily have the resources/time to take on such a big job with a young son. Hopefully i can get that taken care of soon. Appreciate all the help!
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