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    1995 Bronco XLT, 5.8L, E4OD, 3.55LS with Comp Torque cam, 33x12.5" BFG A/T's on Daytona rims

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  1. anything with a 5x5.5 bolt pattern will. I believe Dodge half ton rims work as well. the ZF5 has gotta be by far the best modification Ive made, I was also pondering the 7.3PS swap but I came to the conclusion that the only benefit to me would be the fuel economy, and for the price of the swap I could buy a lot of gas! not to mention the weight the diesel would put on the front axle heres acouple videos older
  2. A few more pics from the lift and the tranny swap Prior to installing the carpet, she looks like she came with the ZF5 from factory and a pictures of mine and a buddys bronco the next step is 12" travel bilstein 5160's with modified F250 shock towers for the front, and 5100's for the rear. Also a good set of rear leafs and longer shackles
  3. ford blue engine block, with a satin black powder coated intake and valve covers. its got a comp roller torque cam, ported heads, ported intake, and ported manifolds soon to be long tube headers. it now has a MSD ignition system with taylor wires
  4. Started out as a stock 1995 Bronco 351 E4OD. bought her for $1800 in 2010 as my first car. Since Ive bought a set of 33's, rebuilt the engine, swapped in a ZF5, 4" procomp-II lift, and now a set of 35's. got plans to become a pre-runner
  5. Thanks, yep that is a rear spoiler thing, it looks pretty rad dunno where the guy before me got it or what its called tho. Im really excited to be able to play in the snow this winter, Missed all the snow rebuilding the engine last winter. Im hoping the E4OD will hold up til next spring when I can either rebuild it, or possibly do a ZF-5 swap it depends really on the difficulty and cost. Ive got a donor truck with one so yeah... we will see
  6. Hey, Not a new bronco owner anymore, owned a 95' Bronco XLT 5.8L for bought a year and a half. Ive rebuilt the motor, put a comp torque cam in her, still working out sum bugs. going for a pre-runner look, I built the pushbar gonna make a rear bumper, tailgate, and soft top for her in the next few months then a 4" lift possibly, around where I live the stock bronco is well enough to get me anywhere I can go without smashing the shit outta the body rushcanuck
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