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  1. mikeiam82

    Teraflex bumper

    Im going to go back to my original thought and say no they wont fit. I just looked at some pics of them and I think from the shapes they would be tough to get to work.
  2. mikeiam82

    Teraflex bumper

    It wont fit without special mounting brackets, im a bodyman and I change quite a lot of stock jeep bumpers and the mounting is completely different. Now if they sold a bracket that could bolt to the end of the bronco frame rails duplicating the jeep mounting then maybe. Youd also have to consider the shape of the bumper, it prob has a bit of a curve to it and the bronco has a flat front end so a bodylift may be nessesary to clear the body. I highly doubt that such a bracket exists but it wouldnt be that hard to make one as long as the shape of the bumper fits the bronco. If you made a bracket you could mount in a wide variety of positions up down in and out.
  3. mikeiam82

    New Timing Cover

    The hole is for a dipstick tube, some are in the timing cover, some in the block and some in the oil pan. I couldnt tell you what years or engines these diff locations apply to. Could be for a 289-302-or 351 from various years. Im going to go out on a limb here and say the oil is coming from the dipstick hole and the antifreeze is coming from the water pump or pump seal where it seats onto the timing chain cover. Or from leaky hoses, the heater hoses and rad hose are directly above that location. Id plug the hole either by tapping threads and putting a bolt in ( dont use a self tapper it will prob crack the cover ) or cleaning really well and sealing with RTV. The problem with tapping the hole is metal filings will go into the oil pan so unless you want to take it apart sealing it with RTV is prob best. Might be beneficial to change all heater hoses and rad hoses and get new clamps then see if it is still leaking. If it is still leaking could be oil from valve covers, antifreeze from the pump itself. Check your oil, if it is white you have a bigger problem.
  4. mikeiam82

    Rear Axle stuck, any ideas?

    Try not to use a very coarse grit. Regular sandpapers when you hit metal with them they become almost useless, even autobody paper. Try to get some fine grit emery cloth like 220 or finer, it lasts a bit longer and is a better shape for the job.
  5. mikeiam82

    Rear Axle stuck, any ideas?

    When I pulled mine apart one of the axles was stuck also. Long story short, the previous owner abused it a bit as a snowplow and didnt maintain it so the seal went and all the oil came out then filled up a bit with water. The bearing then blew, fused itself to the axle tube by heat and rust. I work at a bodyshop so i was able to chain the housing down and pull it with the tower. I think it took 2000 lbs of pressure to get mine out and the outer part of the bearing stayed in the housing. It wasnt that big of a deal because i had the equipment but if i didnt it would have been a nightmare. If it is really stuck try a propane torch, heat it up and spray penetrating lube in then let it cool. Sometimes getting it hot and letting it cool breaks the fusion of metal and rust apart. Try a slide hammer to pound it out. I know up here in BC Canada people can go rent an axle puller from Canadian Tire.
  6. mikeiam82

    Checking rear main seal

    I have an 88 5.0 EFI in mine and i changed my rear man without unbolting anything. It was a one piece seal I pried out (carefully of course) and used a seal/bearing installer to push the new one in. If yours is the same you'll need either the engine out or the tranny out to access. I dont have any pics but im sure yours on the older engines will be the same but i cant say for sure.
  7. http://www.grimmjeeper.com/gears.html This is a great site for figuring out tire size, gear ratios, and trans setups. You can put in the trans, transfercase, underdrive if you have one then put in tire size and gear ratio hit calculate and it shows rpms at given speeds, speeds given at rpms for each gear. Its a pretty sweet tool.
  8. mikeiam82

    5.0 Swap / Wiring Harness?

    http://www.grimmjeeper.com/gears.html This is a great site for figuring out tire size, gear ratios, and trans setups. You can put in the trans, transfercase, underdrive if you have one then put in tire size and gear ratio hit calculate and it shows rpms at given speeds, speeds given at rpms for each gear. Its a pretty sweet tool.
  9. mikeiam82

    5.0 Swap / Wiring Harness?

    the www.bcbroncos.com website has lots of info about efi and what you need. Im doing the efi swap also and im going to try to make the stock mustang harness work. Long story short the husband of the secretary at my work builds hotrods and wiring is kinda his specialty so im going to get him to do it. Im also going to be installing an american autowire complete rewire kit. Its not necessary but its designed to work for fuel injection. I also got this website addy from a fellow bronco owner http://www.kolibar.com/. I guess you can send them your stock mustang harness and they will go through it and take the junk out that you dont need and send it back for half the cost of a painless or rjm harness. As for the computer, on the www.bcbroncos.com website under the fuel--->efi drop down menu there is a list of computers that will work. You have 2 options, speed density and mass air. Speed density uses a pre determined amount of fuel based on speed and comes in the earlier models 86-89 i think. Speed density will work just fine for a nice stock efi swap. The second is mass air which comes on the 88-92 and uses the mass air sensor in the intake tube to get air readings and it constantly adjusts air fuel mixture based on elevation and all that good stuff. This is the setup you want to use if you are going to build up your engine. Im using a A9L mass air setup with a stock engine for now but i like the ability to build it up later and not have to look for the parts then. gt40 heads off and explorer would be sweet. He also gave me this addy for driveshafts, http://www.4xshaft.com/. Good Luck.
  10. mikeiam82

    Shorty headers

    Keep in mind i also have a 1 inch body lift so there is more room there for exhaust pipe.
  11. mikeiam82

    Shorty headers

    I have the 5.0 sitting in my bronco atm but i tossed my shorties because they were trashed so i cant help too much but here is a pic of mine with hydro clutch bolted to the bellhousing and an nv3550 trans. Looks like there is room in between the slave cylindar and the firewall for the exhaust goes through. if you had the stock mechanical linkage it wouldn't work. [/url ]
  12. mikeiam82

    Sitting for 10 yrs cleaning gas tanks

    i know there is a por-15 fuel repair system. I dont know what stores in the States sells por-15 products but oyu can go to por-15.com and see the products. Almost any store that repairs or rebuilds radiators could prob dip the tanks and re-seal them as well. http://www.por15.com/FUEL-TANK-REPAIR-KIT_p_62.html
  13. mikeiam82

    1974 Rebuild

    this isnt a close up photo but this is what my frame looked like assembled.
  14. mikeiam82

    1974 Rebuild

    Its relativley cheap to get the frames sandblasted then you can inspect them for cracks, holes and weak spots. If they are good its easy to paint some por-15 or get one powdercoated. I got my frame and front and rear diffs sandblasted for $150 then got them to powdercoat the frame for an extra $450. Now i could have gone to my local parts store and picked up the por-15 for cheaper but i wanted my frame to last. Now keep in mind that was my price up here in Kelowna BC Canada and we pay a serious "sunshine Tax" on everything just to live in the Okanagan valley.
  15. mikeiam82

    Converted 66-67 doors to 68-77

    Im not sure what im going to do for speakers yet, there are lots of options. I need new door panels so speaker pod door panels would be ok. they are far from the stock look but the bronco isnt going to be stock. Need to be able to bolt the doors to my body so i can start to align all the panels and do bodywork, the holes may still get cut before paint.