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  1. So I'm working on my valve covers(5.0 1989) and I come across this hole next to the driver side valve cover. It is pretty small and I don't think it was purposely punched out at the factory. Someone want to tell me what could've caused this???
  2. Got it. Turned out there were different tools that worked better. They are couplers that go around the line and you push the whole thing onto the spring. Got it right off. one of them was already off and I was just pushing the tool up against the flare. Feel kinda dumb, but whatta you gonna do
  3. I am replacing the valve covers on my 89 5.0 and I'm at the point where I need to undo the fuel lines to fuel rail connections with the garter spring or spring lock clips. I have the tool and I know I need to push the spring back. I just can't get that thing off. Anyone have any special techniques or ideas.
  4. My vacuum lines are so messed up(mostly the smaller ones) and I can't find a diagram showing what goes where. If someone could post one it would help. '89 5.0
  5. My turn signals weren't working, it was just a blown fuse, but overlooking that I took apart the steering column and replaced the cam and two black metal strips fell out. I didn't know how they went in so I left them out. I replaced the fuse and when I hit the left signal the front light and the indicator arrow flashes but not the tail light. When I hit the right signal the tail light flashes but not the front light or indicator arrow.
  6. Simple question. What is the stock fuel tank size? 1989 5.0L. My sending unit is out and until I get it fixed I'm using the odometer from when I fill it up. I heard 33 gal. but I don't want to run out of gas because it's a 25 gal.
  7. What are the key points I should check on the truck? I followed the wire from the tank and it goes into a sheathing, and it looks like it goes up into the floor.
  8. I like 89 because thats when they started getting a modern interior but its not too complicated to take apart and service if you needed to.
  9. I was directed here from one of my posts and this was very helpful. Also I need to replace some broken vacuum lines, is it easier to do once the plenum is off?
  10. My 1-2 upshift revs up to about 3700 rpms before shifting which also is a reason I have bad acceleration
  11. I just took my 89 5.0L bronco out for its 1st drive and I noticed a few problems with the automatic transmission. 1. Horrible acceleration regardless of how much gas I give it.(now this could be bad compression in the engine but I think its the tranny) 2. If I have it in OD, then around 55 or 60 mph it slips in and out of overdrive pretty often 3. It shifts pretty agressivley with a jump when you get into the higher gears even with OD locked out The fluid level was a little low, so I added 1/2 a quart of Mercon.
  12. Between this and my bronco we do alot of off roading
  13. I heard that you take the radiator out so you can sit there and work from there. What do you think about that?
  14. It stays right on E. So its probably a bad ground.
  15. My fuel gauge isn't working but , to be honest, I don't know if my fuel guage was ever working, I know sounds dumb. But my truck wasn't running for a while so I couldn't tell and I never filled it up all the way, and I bought it with the fuel gauge low. Today I added 10 gal and the needle still didn't move. I did replace the fuel pump relay about a month ago. Is there a way to test if its even getting a signal?
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