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  1. Congratulations Skitter302!! and thank you for helping me too.
  2. HI Skitter.. thank you for replying. Ok so GT40P heads need GT40P intake manifold? Too bad you can't use a GT40 intake manifold with those GT40P heads because I see GT40 intake manifold on craigslist... Ok I will keep looking. Thanks for the compliment on the photo. ok I will post a few more. Thank you!
  3. Hi everyone. Still fixing up this 1987 Ford Bronco. I do have a question though. I bought some GT40P Heads. I am wondering if I can replace my old heads and just put these on the current 302 engine? Do I need to use new intake manifold? I do understand I need matching headers to bolt onto these GT40P heads (thanks to miesk5's post) but before I get all into it, and take the old ones off, do I also have to swap out the upper and lower intake manifolds to match? My plan was to rebuild a newer engine but the existing one is strong (although does burn some oil) but it starts up strong every time. Please let me know what you think.
  4. Thank you Miesk5 for the great information on the GT40P heads and appropriate matching headers.
  5. Wow it's been a long time since I have been back at The Bronco Zone. Feels good to be here!! I want to thank everyone for all the help you guys provided. The Bronco has been running for a few years now providing a ton of fun. It's time to do some more upgrades so I am sure I will be back posting some more questions and hopefully helping others with the little knowledge I have now. Cheers!!
  6. Hi guys... thank you all for the advice!! And Miesk5, that is an awesome video too. Sorry it took me so long to respond but I have been very sick and only now feeling better. Cheers!!
  7. Ok this Bronco is now a 1987 body sitting on a 1988 chassis. We put a 3" body lift and a 6" suspension lift with 37" TOYO tires. One of the problems is now getting in this monster!! ha. Ok so I took it to the off road shop and they had bought Aries step bars for it. When I came to pick it up, they said sorry the step bars don't fit because of the body lift. I was told the step bars bolt to the frame and not the body but these guys said part bolts to the frame and the mounting kit has an upper extension that bolts to the body too. They said with the body lift it doesn't fit and you don't want to go with just the frame bolt because then the step bars would "flex". The off road shop called Westin, and others to find step bars that would fit and couldn't find one. They said they can custom make one for me. I find this hard to believe because I am sure there are a lot of trucks with 6" suspension and 3" body lifts out there with STEP BARS. Am I missing something? These guys are the ones that sold me the stinkin lifts in the first place. What do you guys think??
  8. Thanks BullyBob, It is leaking, as in, there is a small puddle. I checked the trans and engine oil and both are at ok levels. Thing is, I don't know how to tell which it is. I looked under the car and it is on the trans pan but also higher up on the side of the engine as if it was the valve covers. Anyway, I kept reading on Bronco Zone and learned a lot like, the Manual Level Position Sensor, and the ENGINE light being on temporarily, and the Rear Anti Lock Brake light being on all the time. I saw a post by Miesk and learned that it is a good idea to "pull codes" key-on engine off, and key on engine on for starters. I should probably also get that MLPS switch thing too, hopefully at O'Reilly's or somewhere, right? I can also replace the valve cover gaskets in case its the valve covers. What do you think??
  9. Hi guys, I thought I might ask another question of you. The 1987 Bronco transmission is suspect. While driving down the highway or road, it sometimes feels like it slips out of drive into neutral, the engine revs but no power. Once it slows down a little, it goes back into drive automatically and you can step on the gas to speed up. I thought maybe the transmission is slipping? Also, I got home and then there is some transmission fluid leaking on the driveway. Aamco said it only has 2 speeds and is not using all 4 speeds. Does the leak have something to do with it? Do I need a new transmission? Thanks for any help you can give me.
  10. miesk5!! Thank you very much. I was hoping you would add a comment as you have some of the very best reference material!! Many many thanks. David
  11. The manual locking hubs are stuck in the lock position so the front drive shaft is always turning. I have been told that this is causing unncecessary wear on the front bearings, etc and reducing gas mileage when in 2W mode. We were having a shop put on new hubs but they found that they are the flange hubs that were in existence for like 1 year of production and we were "lucky" enough to have these on the vehicle. I am told you have a hard time replacing the Ford flange hubs (warn doesn't carry them) and told that maybe I need to contact Ford directly. Some Ford sites say that you can convert over to stronger and better non-flange hubs which is really what I would like to do. Any suggestions? Thank you for all your help.
  12. I posted the same question about a month a go and Beast Runner gave me a step by step instructions including detailed pictures to get this done. It is pretty time consuming but not overly difficult to complete. I would say that you should scroll down in this forum about page 4 where you will see Valve Cover Gasket Replacement posted by my name. Check it out and good luck. It helped me a LOT!!
  13. I found it!! It's completely off now. You won't believe this but once I got the EFI plenum off, the back of the valve cover has a round hole in it. Stuffed in the hole was a greasy shop rag. No wonder the thing was smoking. Ok next weekend I will try to put it all back together. Many thanks for your help.
  14. I went back but I couldn't find that T15 Torx bolt you mentioned.
  15. Well, I got the vacuum lines off, the throttle linkages off, the coolant lines off and some wires off. I took out the bolts on the plenum but it doesn't want to move. I took out the 2 at the front, 2 at the back, one of the right middle, and one on the bracket on the left side of engine. I just doesn't want to move and makes me think htere is more bolts? Or is it the gasket holding it down? Any help would be appreciated!! Thank you
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