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  1. well if your keeping your stock fan then you have to cut a section out of the lower portion of the shroud so the fan will not hit, or you could get rid of the stock fan and replace it with a good electric fan and not have to mess with the shroud at all
  2. yeah hey no real need to take radiator out but if you want to then its a good excuse to change your coolant, also its really a pain to do but you can pull the plenum off the intake and then you can get right down at your valve covers
  3. hey man if your bronco is a manual summit has some great deals on headers i got some shortys through them for my 88 302 and the were perfect replacements for my stock manifolds just search for headers for 80 to 85 broncos they seem to be easyer to find
  4. hey im prety sure that you can go all the way up to 96 on the tailgate bud
  5. hey hey i just completed the swap on my 88 bronco with a 302, actually the swap is pretty straight forward so here goes. first things first you will need to get an intake and a carborator for you 351 also you will need to get a new distributor i went with an HEI from summit with mechanical and vacume advance. then you have that massive wiring nightmare, well you only need TWO wires out of that mess to make the carborated engine run.. (you will need a total of 4 wires if you intend on using stock oil pressure and coolant temp gauges) i went with mechanical gauges they are very easy to install.. also you will need to go down to your local parts store and buy a generic inline fuel pump to replace your stock one (this is nessasary because your stock fuel pump puts out to much psi you only need about 6 psi for the carb). dont wory about the intake pump its fine and does not interfere with fuel. that should get you started if you have more questions let me know.. hope this helps )
  6. i know on my chevy pickup that had auto 4x4 i could only go to 4low after i was already in 4 hi
  7. yo bronc fans hey so i am having a bit of a dilemma, since i converted my 302 to carb i was hoping to swap the exhaust for dual since i dont want to use the two cats that are on my y pipe the people at the exhaust shop wont do dual on it unless its an off road vehicle.. si i am curious if any of you have had luck finding a good performance exhaust with one cat not two like myn has, that has really good flow. or should i just tell them its an off road vehicle and get dual exhaust.. i will primaraly be driving the bronc while hunting camping 4x4'n and in fowl weather conditions!
  8. lol thats because them toyota guys are like chevy guys with there heads up in the clouds, we ford ppl have to band together you see!
  9. hey bud i have the exact same issue its actually a problem in your ignition switch not the tumbler.. its a real pain to replace and kinda spendy what i did is i routed a remote starter switch from the cab down through the shift hole (mine is a manual) and hooked it up to the selanoid so all i have to do is key on and then grab the switch to crank the starter over.. personaly i like it because not tomany people know how to start the bronc i have been doing this for 8 years
  10. hey just an update heres the skiny on my lifter noise. well i built a 302 for my bronc i have a engine out of a early 80's mustang its a non HO, so i put a 2 steps above RV roller cam and roller lifters in her. well the boys at delta cam gave me the stock pushrods for a HO motor that are 6.250 long, finally got it dialed in i actually had to get 6.350 long pushrods to make up the .080 gap at the valve, the extra 20 is for preload on the lifters. so if anyone swaps a roller into there engine remember to go .100 to .120 longer than the HO pushrods
  11. well figured out my push rods were .080 to short but then the guys at delta cams gave me the wrong push rods again now theyre to long and i cant spin the engine by hand... shoot me now please!! this bronco is begining to get the best of me
  12. i would say double check to make sure you dont have a vacume leak.. also make sure your throttle cable isnt to short ya never know what the previous owner may have put on there from the wrecking yard.. and if all else fails put the holley on ebay and pick up a 650 edelbrock
  13. hey guys i just completely re-built this 302, and i put roller cam, and roller lifters in it i also put in new push rods to make up the differance in roller lifter, i however have not put roller rockers on yet, anyway on first start up the lifters are noisy. my rockers are the pedistal type so i just torqued them to spec. just curious if its so noisy because im not runnin roller rockers
  14. hey hey, Check out LMC truck .com they will send you a free catalog specificly for your truck, and they have everything you can think of.. its pretty much a one stop shop. it also makes great reading material while sitting on the John.
  15. well honestly if your mainly trail driving i would say that the I6 would do fine but more work than rebuilding the 400
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