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    Has anyone replaced their factory AC? I have a 93 with 5.8 and it is starting to act up. The first problem I noticed was on "MAX" it will just cut out for no reason, but "Normal" works fine. It blows semi cool air, but in Texas in the summer time that doesn't work. I did have it "recharged" about 5 years ago but am not sure if that worked.Does anyone know the best way to replace this so it maybe uses the new refrigerant and not the stuff that is impossible to find? Thanks
  2. Thanks for all the advice, I have thought of upgrading to the flex fan and yeah I think I will go with a saginaw pump too. I will have to wait until I get back from Iraq again, then get started on my Bronco again. Thanks
  3. Yeah it sounds like a twelve pack and three day project. Any suggestions on upgrades while I'm at it? I am also wanting to replace my power steering pump while I'm dorking around in there. It works fine but has that distinct Ford early 90s whine to it.
  4. Not sure what year you have, but on my 93 I had to use a dremel tool to file down the rivets to get the motor out. Once this was done I pulled the motor out and took the three or four screws out and found that inside where the worm gear meets up with the large area there was a white plastic part that was destroyed. They are simple to replace, takes about 20 seconds then you have to figure out how to get the motor back on the door. LOL I used screws so I could get it out easier again... good luck Here is that part on Graveyard http://broncograveyard.com/bronco/i-34344_...ator_roller.htm
  5. I have self-diagnosed my 93 with 351 and am pretty sure my water pump is getting ready to take a crap. Has anyone ever changed it out themselves, and how much trouble is it? I hear that it involves things like radiator removal etc. Just wondering,
  6. I have a 93 with all stock exhaust and am looking to replace it soon. I was leaning towards a flowmaster, does anyone have one and would you reccomend it or not? I am also going to replace my power steering pump because the stock one groans quite a bit. Any opinons on this will help too thanks
  7. Does anyone know how to tune their CB antenna with a multi-meter instead of an SWR? I am just being cheap and don't want to buy an SWR. Hope someone can help, I seem to be having some trouble transmitting with my antenna mounted to the spare tire rack. Thanks
  8. My best advice is to listen to Bronco Joe, there is a reason he has an image of Yoda by his name. Good luck
  9. Joe, I finally had the time to take off the Throttle body and give it a good cleaning. BOY were you right, that thing was pretty fouled up, I took my time and gently cleaned it out. Put the new Tps sensor on and took it for a test drive. I was amazed at how smooth she drove and it seemed like there was an increase in power as well. Took the boat to the lake today and had a nice time. Thanks B-Cack
  10. Yoda Joe, Just to update you on my Bronco... I haven't had time to change out the TPS yet, unfortunately I was stuck at work all week. I did however manage to get some carb cleaner and a new gasket. Thanks again, B-Cack
  11. I have a midland 40 channel, and it is hooked directly into my battery. I have noticed that I get a pretty high pitched whine from the engine when it is running. I am planning on getting a filter to help with this. Also if you are way back in th woods you may want to look into an HF radio for your base station. We used them a lot in the Army and can talk for LONG ranges. I have recently read that a lot of people are forming HF radio clubs and try to see how far they can talk. Based on my limited experience, I would reccomend a 7 meter copper wire. Those seem to work the best with HF during the day and the night... I don't want to get into antenna wave propogation theory too much.... but you might want to check on ebay and see if they have any ManPack HF radios....
  12. Joe, Thanks for the tips, since it took you two hours I think it will take me about 4 or as I like to say " a twelve pack" to get through with the job... of course I am by no means a good mechanic. I did see some small hoses that I am going to replace too while I'm dirty. I am hoping to get it done either mostly this evening when it cools down or tomorrow depeding on if I can sham out of work early or not. Thanks again
  13. Yoda Joe, I read your other thread about getting a new gasket for the Throttle Body, just curious as to how long it took you to replace yours and the TPS. I started looking under the hood today and it seems like quite a project. Also when the TB was off, did you just spay it down with carb cleaner or what... and then just put it back on? Like I said I am off to the store to see if they have any gaskets, hopefully so... I am planning on going to the lake this weekend and need to decide if I am going to tear it apart before or after.... I have to admit I read your other thread about how your Bronco ran better and am interested in trying to clean that throttle body as long as I won't mess anything up? thanks
  14. ok thanks I do have a voltmeter, I guess in the Haynes manual it states how to adjust it... think its supposed to be 1.0 volts right
  15. OK i will try it out when I get some time next weekend, unfortunately I am working this week, damn job gets in the way of my play time you know! I will let you know how it goes, BTW I have the 5.8 in my Bro
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