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  1. Wanting to put a mustang T-5 that I have in my 2wd 88 and would like to use a system that has a external slave cylinder,they are just so much easier to repair then those with the hydraulic throw out bearing.
  2. I like it much better but do miss that I could recline the backrest some,not missing the cup holder in the console now that I picked up a cup holder from a 90s seat and it sits on the trans hump just fine. I use it to store the remote for the stereo and plan on installing the studs for the cup holder on the seat the next time the seat is out.
  3. I yanked the buckets and installed a XLT bench seat,I did miss the cupholder in the console since that is where I keep the remote for the stereo so I found the larger 90s cupholder in the junkyard. It will get mounted to the seat when I have the seat out to install the amp for the stereo soon and need to replace the door speakers before the amp since one is shot.
  4. I removed the rear seat on my 88 and installed a XLT front bench,I was hoping that the seat would sit in 4 of the existing holes but not such luck but ended up finding that there were holes in the floor for a bench seat with plugs in them. I have put carpet in trucks before and do not remember seeing extra holes and never have seen one with a bench seat before.
  5. If there is a wider version I want to get two to use on the rear with the 31-10.5 tires.
  6. My 88 has the styled steel wheels with the trim rings and center caps that are 8 inch wide,I have seen a slightly narrower version that came on the 2wd trucks so I was wondering if it was the same with the aluminum wheels. I am looking at a set from a 2wd truck and look to be narrower then my wheels.
  7. After driving it for a few years I decided it heeds a bigger motor or a gear change,even with 3.55 gears the 31 inch tall tires makes that little 302 a little sluggish and since I have almost everything in stock for a gear change it will get a gear change. I have a 9 inch from a 82 F150 and 3.70 gears from a 69 F100 so they wil be going togather soon and will have to find a speedo gear for 3.73 gears to be close to accurate and will probably need a U joint for two sizes,would like to have a 351 but the 302 runs good and will stay since I do not have the money for a motor.
  8. Try your local pull and pay junkyards,I found new ones for my 95 F150 in the local pulll and pay for around 20 dollars each. Alot of vehicles get junked with new parts on them.
  9. Is that the crank trigger ignition system.
  10. Still never got it lowered and took it on its longest trip today and its getting right at 15 on the highway,the new fuel sending unit I put in it a few years ago when I converted to a single fuel pump system quit working so since it has a full tank I am going to cut a hole in the floor to fix it.
  11. Trying to find a 5 speed to swap in,the AOD should not been rebuilt and is making a buzzing sound so I am thinking 5 speed but none to be found yet.
  12. It seems like its starting to take longer to get things done,I have been working on the 95 since march and finally finished all the repairs it needed. First it needed a trans which took over a month to find and the local U pull yard got one in so I grabbed it,then I had to put a exhaust on it and had to figure out the stumble in the motor which turned out to be a bad speedo then replace one spring pocket,one radius arm and both rear spring mounts. The truck at the U pull yard that donated the trans had new rear spring mounts and shackels so it came off easy and tonight I finally got around to replacing the parking brake cables which required me to cut the drums off which I had in stock,sunday I installed a engine heater for the winter months. 20 years ago I would had all that done in a week. I am going to start working on the bronco in the spring and if it takes me until fall it will be no big deal since I have plebty of vehicles to drive.
  13. Life got in the way this summer and have only used it to pull the fishing boat so I decided next march when the tags expire its coming off the road so I can lower it and possibly do a manual trans conversion if I can find all the parts,I was building a 95 F150 this summer for a winter beater so that took most of my spare time since it needed a trans and had a few rusty frame brackets.
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