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  1. to fix the 213 I had unplugged the ICM while the truck was running it killed the truck I plugged it back in and then retested and it was gone. But I need to know where the relay for the fuel pump is located. And how do I test one of those relays.
  2. sorry for the delay of response after messing with all kinds of stuff I have fixed the 213 code now I am getting a 536 & 632 can you please tell me what these are referring to. Also can you please send me a link of where I can find a list of codes. P.s. This is the KOER test my KOEO Test gave me a 111 which I believe is a pass. Thank you for your help.
  3. ok here is a picture of what i have.... i have searched this truck over and it is NOT here. I have looked above Dist. as well as you show on your 5.0 not there either. please take a look at this and let me know what you think. Also Today in messing with the truck i am now having problems starting it...... It starts but will not always stay running i have to keep re-starting it and eventually it will stay running. dont know if this changing problem may help in the diagnosis of my Agravation Problem.
  4. ok i believe this is a picture of what i am supposed to be looking for is the aluminum rectangle with the plug sticking out of it. it is mounted right beside the EGR valve on a bracket correct? if that is where it is supposed to be, there is nothing mounted to the bracket but i have a cylinder with two wires going into the top of it. is this the same thing or is mine missing? and from looking at the diagrams there should be something running from the egr valve to this DFPE i cant find anything coming from the egr valve except the main vaccuum line. UUUHHHHHHH im going crazy chasing this gost problem that i have no idea as what im looking for.
  5. ok i checked the SPOUT it is plugged in and in VERY NEW looking condition..... as is my Dist. cap and rotor button. But you have a link in your www.broncolinks.com 1 Spark Output (SPOUT) Connector 12/28/2010 @ 11:26:30 http://www.asashop.org/autoinc/dec2002/techtotech.cfm I have read and found some very similar problems and attemps this person has on his ranger. But i have looked and it does not give very good details on what to look for or what is what. They are referencing to a PIP i am not at all familiar with what this is or even if this is revelant to me. I just noticed in reading the link on you site it sounded very similar. DIRECT QUOTE FROM LINK: No-Spark w/SPOUT Connected (similar to Hesitation, Stumble, Stall, Miss, No Start, No Spark); "It seems that the insulation around many PIP sensors breaks down prematurely - a condition that leads to shorting of the wires leading to the TFI ignition module. I always replace a PIP sensor along with a defective ignition module, if it has "soft" insulation...This month's column is about a Ford Ranger one of my students (Drew) said "would only run for about a mile, then die." Since we were in the middle of our electrical and engine performance unit, this vehicle would serve as a perfect troubleshooting opportunity. The story from my student went as follows: The vehicle began stalling intermittently during driving, but would usually restart right away. Sometimes, however, it would have to sit for a few minutes. Drew had replaced the ignition coil on the advice of a family friend, but the problem persisted. Next, the thick film ignition (TFI) module was replaced with a quality no-name brand from a local parts house. The stalling condition continued.
  6. Edit for last post I found that the plug on top of the EGR valve was loose, i plugged it back up and re-ran the KOER test now i have the following Codes: 172 *****213***** (new Code) 538 (already addressed)
  7. ok.... sorry too seem so ignorant but right now i really am...... as for the first code i saw some recognizable problems like ABS light on and Speedometer not working..... Not to take all your time but could you tell me how to check this in "dummy" terms.... thank you Also I have the 5.8l so..... what do i look for for the DFPE and what should i do to test or fix this. I know i am taking alot of time and im very sorry i have just put alot of money in this truck chasing stuff i didnt know what i was doing and want to make sure i am not blowing money or time doing the wrong things again.
  8. ok here is what i got..... KOEO......Nothing KOER...... 172 327 538 I feel pretty good about this ( i did it right) i did the test twice to make sure, and got the same codes both times.
  9. ok sorry for the lack of information...... the fuel pump runs only when the engine is running. when i start the motor the fuel pump is running LOUDLY constantly. I can run it down the road when i come to a stop sign i can hear it running non-stop (like never before). I first thought it was just low of gas so i filled it up and can still hear it just as loud. As for the FPR, i cannot detect any gas on or in the vaccuum line.
  10. k please help me locate the FPR on my block. I am still learning my way around the motor. And thank you for your help.
  11. It begins to spit and sputter, losing power. if i push the gas it cuts out all togeather. When i begins to die i can feather the gas and keep it running to get it to the side of the road. When it dies i can cut the key off wait 30 sec and fire it right back up. It sounds like a miss to me but im not really sure. Please talk dummy terms to me im a commercial electrician with an expensive habbit. And no i have not changed the Fuel Pressure Regulator, and no i have not noticed black smoke.
  12. PLEASE HELP......[/font] I have a 95 Bronco 351 5.8, i have replaced so many parts chasing a problem my $1200 project is blown out of the water. I am having problems driving, but after 4-5 miles it does it again. I can cut the engine off wait about 30 seconds and start it back up then go 4-5 miles again. And mine will do it when it is cold as well, Cold start and within the first mile it does it. The only code(s) i have gotten was: A) EGR FLOW and B ) something like UNEXPECTED RPM CHANGE if that makes any sense. I have change the following parts to fix a number of different problems and several to chase this problem down, AND this Broncos Breakn The Bank. The CHANGED parts are as follows: Fuel Pump and Sock Inline Fuel Filter Plugs Wires Ignition Coil TPS (engine was idleing at roughly 2500 rpms TPS tested bad, replaced, now idle at roughly 800-1000) EGR Valve ( thinking EGR FLOW code would be fixed NOT) Distributor cap and rotor look fairly good. Plugs are Gapped acording to Auto Zones recomendations .044 if i remember correctly Also I have noticed that when it breaks down or begins to stall and i pull over my fuel pump is running constantly. I have the exhaust cut loose in front of my CC bc i thought it was stopped up. I have read all of your previous comments and still am not sure what to do. Please help me if you will. Else my wife is probably going to kill me if i keep throwing money into a truck i cannot take her for a ride in.
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