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  1. I have a 89 Bronco and I was wondering how to remove the front headlight cover so that I can replace it.
  2. I bought a 1989 ford bronco about a month ago. I was wondering if the door seals would keep the water out if I get in deep water. Thank you
  3. pearce


    I have also been looking at the Michey Thompson MTZ tires.
  4. pearce


    I am about to get new 35in tires for my bronco. I was wondering what you guys recommended. The BFGoodrich MT T/A KM2 and the Dick Cepek Crushers are the two tires that I am mainly looking at. I go through a lot of mud and trails. I also drive on the road a lot to with my truck. If you guys have any recommendations, that would be great. Thanks
  5. What rim size would you recommend with 35 inch tires? Also what is the best suspension lift kit brand?
  6. I have a 89 ford bronco and I want to get a 4 inch lift on it. I want to be able to put 33's on it with space to spare. How much will a 4 inch lift effect the stability? I usually drive to school and back ,but I also do a lot of off roading.
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