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  1. I am referring to the shock bushings that insert into the shock tower bracket. I attached a pic of the specific bushing to help clarify. I ended up applying rust bullet on top of them yesterday. If anyone has a tip on how to remove and install these shock tower bushings it would be most appreciated.
  2. Hello, I am cleaning up some double shock towers and I would like to remove the shock bushings to better clean the metal for rust bullet. May I ask if anyone knows how to replace the shock bushings? Or even remove them so they may be reinstalled. I cant find any info on them. The stock ones look heavy duty and I dont want to remove w/o knowing how to reinstall them. The last thing I need is another $3.00 part holding up my mini-restore. Thanks,
  3. Nice looking car/truck combo. Is that truck stock height? very nice!

  4. I Used a 1" x 1" piece of 3/8 thick steel. Drilled it with a number 5 bit and tapped it with a 6mm x 1.0 tap. I edited this thread to show the end result so that someone else may benefit from this fix. broken door, door handle broken, ripped metal, door handle ripped off,
  5. Door handle pulled off the door and ripped the metal skin of the door. I started with this thread on broken door handles and it worked out well. I edited this post to show the beginning and end result of my thread I started with a thread about making a piece of metal(3/16" thick) that you cut 1" x 2". Then drill and tap the piece of metal. Screw your handle back down into the metal piece(you just created) hold up the piece from underneath the latch mounting plate on the door(which is now torn). See below for follow up and conclusion
  6. Awesome Bro! Thank you!!!! I am tackling this today and I am printing this out to work with. I will let you know how everything goes. Power steering pump and both hoses:)
  7. when i said this would get you started...I didn't mean started in the wrong direction. Thanks for the correction M5:)
  8. Im going with the cardone from advance auto. 49.99 plus $20 each for new hoses seems pretty fair. Thanks for the help one this one fellas
  9. got all the creaks, squeals, rattles and grinds.....all gone! Squeal turned out to be bad rear brakes and a leaking axle seal on the drivers side. Replaced all brake components on rear and installed new rear axle bearings and seals. This squeal presented as a front brake sound. Interesting that it turned out to be a rear brake issue...fooled me Creaking at low speed over speed bumps and getting out of the trunk turned out to be a rusted muffler mount that was broken. It would creak as i got out of the truck and it was a non reproducible noise. Replaced with clean muffler bracket from 95 donor bronc Rattling from catalytic converter area heard on acceleration turned out to be the heat shield. Replaced with clean donor heat shield. Metal on metal rattling sound under hard braking turned out to be a broken automatic hub on drivers side. Replaced with $60 Mile Marker stainless hub conversion kit. All these sounds came up within weeks of each other. I guess my Bronco was planning a noise crisis for me this year. Thanks for the help getting her back under control
  10. Sup fellas, Thanks for the help here. Thankfully it was a simple as a plug and wire replacement. The wires had been run incorrectly which had been causing my idle surge for the last 3 years. Sweet Lord she is running good....
  11. I just did this(Wires and plugs) to my 95 Bronco 2 weeks ago. I have 302 and from my understanding the 351 is the same order in respect to routing. So starting at 1 position, the subsequent order is 3-7-2-6-5-4-8. Do NOT run 5 and 6 next to each other and DO NOT run 1 and 3 next to each other. In lay terms, there is a possibility of heat causing the conduction system (the spark) to hop wires and misfire the sequence. There are some guys that will probably give you a link to a diagram of the technical write up but this will get you going. Ive seen the threads but I just cant provide a link to them for ya b/c I dont know how to yet...
  12. How do I hook up my obd-I scanner to pull codes in . Im familiar with obd-II but never used the first generation scanners b4.
  13. Are there any pumps that are good quality and where I dont have to do a pricey conversion?
  14. I need a power steering pump. Whats the best power steering pump on the market for a 95 XLT 5.0? Anybody have luck with any certain brand PS pump?
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