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  1. I got it. The pump wires are the two heavier gauge wires, pink with black tracer (hot), and brown is ground. Hooked up my meter, got the 12 volts with key on. Now to find an OEM pump at a decent price. $300! I have heard that the aftermarket pumps are garbage at $80. Thanks for the input, i appreciate it. Hope this helps someone else down the road. -Bud
  2. Im working on a friends 2000 Ford F-250, feul pump is not running. Does anyone know the color for the hot wire, and ground wire, to the pump? I would like to check for 12 volts at the pump to eliminate the rest of the circiut. Thanks, -Bud
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  4. Found a very close color on 2002 Jeep Liberty. Patriot Blue Pearlcoat: CHRYS-PB7/WB7 Basecoat/clearcoat. Just a slight shade lighter, and it really stands out! Im Gonna go with that.
  5. Thanks Bronc76, its dark shadow blue. M6609. I got a nice tailgate for my truck, but its white. I think its from OJ Simpsons Bronco............. Gonna go get some paint! Thanks again, -Bud
  6. The code sticker on the dr. side door jam is missing from my 93 full size. I need the paint code for the dark blue metalic. Anyone have this same color? And if so, cant you check the sticker on your truck for me? Its a long shot, but i thought i would ask here first. Thanks in advance! -Bud
  7. I did the door swap a while back, from an F-150 doner. Didnt get around to posting till now. I only had to drill one hole, that wasnt in the (manual window/door locks) door, for the power door lock solinoid. Worked out great, thanks for the advise. I found a good tailgate this morning, gonna go p/u this afternoon. I also just bought a 1997 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail, and a 1955 2 door Chevy Belair! Sorry to use the "C" word on a Ford forum..........lol I've been very busy! I will post pics later. Thanks again! -Bud
  8. Put some penetrating spray in the connection, had trouble with mine also, this seemed to help. Happy trails!
  9. Miesk 5, as always you come through with exactly what i need. Thanks so much, your time is appreciated!
  10. Wondering if 94 F-150 doors with manual window cranks, and manual door locks, have the mounts for my power window, and power door lock set up in my 93 full size Bronco. My uncles F-150 was rear ended, now he is donating some parts to my Bronco project. Anyone ever done this swap? Thanks-Bud
  11. Thanks Krafty, and Miesk5, for the info. I'll let ya know what i find on the weekend.
  12. Transfer case shifter stuck, Cant put my 93' in 4wd. It was sitting for a long time before the resurection. Has anyone experienced this?
  13. Thanks Miesk5. I also found the post about the Master Cylinder plug recall (speed sensor) on BZ. My Bronco was sitting for the past 11 years, and the recall was never done. I went right out and unplugged it, thanks again.
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    Very nice upgrade, i might havta steel this one from ya.....lol
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