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  1. Hello! Just sold my FSB and now I am considering to buy Bronco II Here is one very good looking only 153tkm driven base model (no AC, no E-windows no nothing ), is there any typical things to look? Thank you allready -mikko-
  2. I replaced that shifter motor because it would not shift into 4WD anymore => now it works, but it still would not shift into slow 4WD When I tried to move that transfer case axle (which that electric motor moves) when motor was off, it moved easily by hand... I also installed new speed sensor and NSS => no codes at all
  3. Finally, yesterday I managed to replace that air check valve and exhaust gasket, but klicking noise is still there I managed to change that air check valve without taking upper manifold off => just bolt that connecting tube off and take it out of car, there is not much room but easier that way! Exhaust gasket was also broken (pacesetter shorty headers), but in drivers side... Is it bossible to change lifters when intake manifold is in place, via those pushrod holes? Are 351W EFI heads with 3/8" rocker bolts?
  4. That ball joint was relatively easy to take off, but what I meant is that original bushing was/is so tight that it is not moving anywhere... I thought that giving heat will ruin ball joint´s rubber so maybe I did not give heat enough? When I tried to pull that bushing out with tool (I dont know what it is in english...), the bushing started to bend (lose it´s original shape) a little, if you know what I mean? I wouldn´t move anywhere with pipe wrench Here is the kind of tool I used So it is meant that there is no need to tear off that lower ball jount and brakes etc.? I figured that if there is possibility of hit that bushing away underside if I remove all those parts to make some room... But this means lot´s of more work
  5. ...or shold I say, how to get those old ones off? I mean these little bastards are tight, I mean TIGHT!!! Or am I doing something wrong because I can not remove these? Balljoint nut was only thing that I could remove... Is there some kind of easy method? Help needed
  6. Today I spent some "quality time" with my bronco I noticed that behind engine (between firewall and intake manifold) in that chrome pipe (which goes between heads) is somekind of "metallic canister" and top of it should be rubber hose going somewhere? ...it is quite a tight place to see That "canister" is corroded so badly that rubber hose is broken loose, so maybe this leak is making some noise? Is it bossible to change that pipe (between heads) while engine is in car?
  7. Hello all! My bronco has recently started give kinda klicking noise from engine compartment I can barely hear it if engine idles, but when it rev´s up I can hear noise/sound easily, it follows revs. Are these engines with hydraulic followers? If so, wrong kind of oil might do this sound? Or is there any other good ideas? In engine there is enough oil, but might be wrong type to this car (Ford 5W30 fully synthetic oil, same oil that I use in my 4.6 litre Modular engine Mustang). I am pretty sure that sound is not from a header (that is leaking), sound is more "harder" than exhaust leak. Noise is coming from passenger side so it´s going to be PITA just check that everything is in correct (under the valve cover) because it´s an 5.8 EFI engine Thank you allready for any advice
  8. Yes, the connector is the SAME as in my car and that seller (which link you gave me) on ebaymotors says that this NS92 is right to my car. This NS92 is same than SW-2120 just different manufacturer, am I right (Standard Motor vs Motorcraft)? And I have BW 1356 push button Transfer Case. Correct way to say: ship to finland is: lähettää Suomeen
  9. Miesk5 => thank you again, seems that I was searching with wrong terms/words That seller on Amazon has good price but when I try to buy it:"Warranty issues and manufacturer restrictions prevent us from shipping certain products to all geographical locations." I just sent e-mail to jcwhitney and that seller on ebaymotors, lets hope that one or the other can send to Finland... This SW 2120 Motorcraft is discontinued buy Motorcraft and for example fordparts does not know it anymore and Rock auotparts can not have it anymore and that last link you posted says it´s special order and I am pretty sure when they make that order from ford/motorcraft they can not have it either, so let´s hope that jcwhitney can send it to Finland! By the way, I asked local (here in Finland) Standard Motor Procducts retailer for that part, answer was: they can not have it anymore!!!
  10. Hello, There is lots of roller rocker options awailable for these small block fords, so which one do you guys recommend for stock (headers) 351W EFI engine? 1:6 might be enough, but will those fit with stock valve covers? And what is bolt size is 1988 engine with 3/8" studs? Any comments for this kind of modification? *could admin, correct that 1351 for just 351 in topic title*
  11. Well... Ford has discontinued to fabficate this part I contact Rock Auto parts and they mentioned that they can not have this part OR similar anymore Do you have any ideas where I can find this NSS (SW 2120) and if you do know where to buy, will they also sell outside USA? I have tried to search ebay, google etc and no match PLEASE, I NEED HELP
  12. Thank you again miesk5 It seems that correct NSS to my car is what "everybody" (BroncoGraveyard, RockAutoParts etc) sells to 1990 => model bronco. Or atleast connector is similar... My car is defitinely 1988 (vincode). -mikko-
  13. That fordparts.com catalog tells that there is back up lamp switch awailable which is not NSS!? link to that switch Here is few pictures of my NSS cables uder the car... Do you have any other ideas where I can buy correct NSS? Do you have any wiring information for about those colors (and is there place for this fordparts back up light switch in every C6 tranny), or os this switch for manual tranny? There is 6-wires in car and these aftermarket NSS has only 4-wires (+ connector is much smaller like inch vs. 1/2 inch), or do you have information what those 2 extra wires supposed to do?
  14. miesk5 => do you mean that I can throw that pump away and just buy 2" shorter belt? And there is no need for any "eliminator pulleys"? bronco5.8 => That would be nice!!! Thank you both
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