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  1. It's a mechanical fuel pump which is why it doesn't make sense. The fuel pressure gauge is a mechanical Holley non-liquid filled gauge. It is installed on a threaded port on the carb inlet fuel line;
  2. 351W; C6; Carb'd; no EEC/ECU from factory; all emissions stuff deleted; bored over .60; The fuel pressure I get on the gauge just before the carb is sporadic. When warming up, and at times after the engine has already warmed, the fuel pressure gauge flickers between 6-9 psi, and sometimes closer to 9psi. Other times, after the engine was warmed, its steady at 6psi. Is this normal? Should I be concerned?? I figure a failing fuel pump would decrease or show very little pressure, but in my case its normal to high. Any help is greatly appreciated..
  3. 5.8L/351W; C6 Trans; Edelbrock 650 Carb; Finally got the cooling system in check, and when trying to start'er up after sitting for about a year, the carb is leaking from the top and I'm not sure why. Never had an issue with the carb when driving before the downtime. When cranking, the carb is spitting up gas from the area indicated by the green arrow. Please help!
  4. 5.8L; C6; Heavy duty radiator. found out the adapter is 1/4 NPT x 5/16 inverted flare. However, using the OEM adapter with aftermarket hardline purchased from the auto parts store didn’t work; the OEM adapter is deep, and the thread length on 5/16 inverted flare tube nut is not long enough to fully seat in the adapter. In any case, I ordered an aftermarket adapter that is not as deep so hopefully that solves it.
  5. Hello folks, I need verification of the female and male thread size for the adapter that screws into the transmission cooler built into the radiator. The adapter is what the metal line from the trans to the radiator connects to as well as the metal line that runs from the radiator to the auxillary cooler mounted in front of the radiator. The adapter appears to be a 5/16 male inverted flare x 5/16 female inverted flare, but I can't confirm this. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  6. 87 B-Co; Carb'd; C-6 Trans; 3" Body Lift With the 3" Body lift, I have a lot of wiggle room when doing any type of service to my rig. With that said, am I able to change the oil pan/gasket without having to do a engine removal? Would unbolting the motor mounts and jacking the engine up give me enough clearance?? Most of the questions answered on this topic are for 90+ models which don't particularly apply in my situation. Any help is greatly appreciated. B-Co Kid
  7. 1987 B-Co ; 5.8L/351W; C6 Just replaced the trans pan; What type of transmission fluid should I use when re-filling? I see a lot of conflicting posts in different Ford forums, so I want to make sure I’m refilling with the correct ATF. The transmission dipstick indicates use of Dexron II transmission fluid.
  8. Bringing this thread back to life.. Is it more beneficial to have the trans fluid go to the auxiliary trans cooler first and then to radiator trans cooler, or to the radiator trans cooler first and then to the auxiliary trans cooler
  9. The T-stat housing already has a threaded port there; I just need the thread size of the port
  10. Greetings, In need of some wisdom. What is the thread size for the threaded port on the top side of the thermostat housing (previously occupied by the emission vacuum tree)?? Previously did the electric fan conversion using a Hayden fan controller, now the fan doesn't come on when expected and the radiator is in need of replacement. With the radiator being replaced, I am planning to use a different fan controller with a temp sending unit placed in the thermostat housing; research suggests this is the best location. Currently, I have a sending unit that is situated between the fins of the radiator. Any help is greatly appreciated. B-Co Kid
  11. So, I wiggled the wiring to the S-terminal on the starter relay...Wah lah..power again! I will trace S-terminal wires for shorts/loose connections. Thanks.
  12. Is there a way to do an electrical test to rule out/in the problem is in the steering column?
  13. I don't see an actuator rod, or any kind of rod, to pull down on, just the column. I tried pulling down on the column; no luck
  14. The switch does not have a spring back from start to run, but I figured that was normal, given the age of my rig. I will try what you suggested as an initial test and go from there. Any other feedback is greatly appreciated.
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