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  1. 1987 B-Co ; 5.8L/351W; C6 Just replaced the trans pan; What type of transmission fluid should I use when re-filling? I see a lot of conflicting posts in different Ford forums, so I want to make sure I’m refilling with the correct ATF. The transmission dipstick indicates use of Dexron II transmission fluid.
  2. Bringing this thread back to life.. Is it more beneficial to have the trans fluid go to the auxiliary trans cooler first and then to radiator trans cooler, or to the radiator trans cooler first and then to the auxiliary trans cooler
  3. The T-stat housing already has a threaded port there; I just need the thread size of the port
  4. Greetings, In need of some wisdom. What is the thread size for the threaded port on the top side of the thermostat housing (previously occupied by the emission vacuum tree)?? Previously did the electric fan conversion using a Hayden fan controller, now the fan doesn't come on when expected and the radiator is in need of replacement. With the radiator being replaced, I am planning to use a different fan controller with a temp sending unit placed in the thermostat housing; research suggests this is the best location. Currently, I have a sending unit that is situated between the fins of the radiator. Any help is greatly appreciated. B-Co Kid
  5. So, I wiggled the wiring to the S-terminal on the starter relay...Wah lah..power again! I will trace S-terminal wires for shorts/loose connections. Thanks.
  6. Is there a way to do an electrical test to rule out/in the problem is in the steering column?
  7. I don't see an actuator rod, or any kind of rod, to pull down on, just the column. I tried pulling down on the column; no luck
  8. The switch does not have a spring back from start to run, but I figured that was normal, given the age of my rig. I will try what you suggested as an initial test and go from there. Any other feedback is greatly appreciated.
  9. 87 B-co, withou eec from factory, c-6 tran. Beginning of the week I backed into the garage and the engine died by itself. I tried to turn the ignition switch and nothing happened. The battery light and engine light on the dash are not illuminated when putting the switch into acc. Radio does not come on. I do have dome lights and the headlights work when I pull them on. Today, I attempted to start the truck, and the battery light and engine light were illuminated with the switch in acc; however, when i attempted to turn the engine over, everything blanked out again; no engine light, no battery light, nothing. I jumpered at the starter relay, and that turns the engine over. I checked voltage at the battery, and it indicated 12.5V. Not sure exactly were to start looking.. hoping not in the steering column. Please advise.
  10. Tom, also check the light bulb socket. Not completely sure about 90+, but usually there are two metal contacts in the bottom of the socket, and over time, the contacts lose their tension. Remove the bulb, get needle nose pliers, adjust the contacts out, so they will touch the contacts on the bottom of the bulb; also clean off any rust/corrosion from the socket contacts, put a little petro jelly or terminal grease on socket contacts before reinstalling/replacing bulbs. If your sockets are all the way jacked, you can usually find replacement for cheap at autozone/oreilly's/napa etc. Hope this helps! B-Co Kid out!
  11. My rig has the tranny cooler mounted in front of the radiator. Is there another tranny cooler besides the one mounted to the radiator???
  12. No, it's actually a 31" tire. Not too big/heavy for the carrier, and not too small for when I need it!
  13. I used stainless u bolts that hold parts of the spare tire carrier together. All the other bolts, with the exception of the fabricated center cut out, were Line-X'd and reused.
  14. Hey folks...Just thought I'd share my mini-project. The spare tire carrier has been removed for a while, and after a fluke flat tire (on 35" BFG Mud Terrains..seriously ) left me stranded, I decided to reinstall it; but not before polishing that baby up. It was looking worn and discolored and I was considering powder coating it, but I wanted something super durable. So I decided to Line-X it; and i'm happy with the results. In addition, I added a center piece for the spare tire. I recall the old spare tire cover used to flop around when driving because of the gap between the spare tire cover and the tire, and I didn't want that to happen with the new, knock off spare tire carrier I purchased. See all attache pics.
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