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  1. So we finished the x crawler Running dual Novak 55T motors with one(1) Novak Rooster crawler ESC. At slow crawl the front motor pulls the rear(rear not turning) then stops, then rear pushes front(front not turning) back and forth and basically inch worms forward. swapped motors, ESC and wires and still Can not figure it out. Any one got any ideas. We got maybe 2 batteries through it. Ready to throw it in the trash.... Thanks
  2. Slow crank and clicking are signs of not enough batt voltage. Batt ground should go to block AND frame. Make sure and double sure all contacts(batt cables, solenoid, grounds) are clean and tight.
  3. Thanks, I am looking int those manuals now.
  4. Hello all, I am in search of a diagram or info for the engine compt. wiring. I am restoring my bronco and I found numberous wires thst are just cut in the harness. The truck had emissions, but not any more. Id like to get rid of everything I dont need. I have searched different Ford/Bronco sites, Dealers, Libraries, even searched junkyards still no info that helps me. I have an 85 fullsize 351w 4brl auto. Any help is welcome. Im about ready to cut it all out and wire the esentials. Please please please help.......
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