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  1. ^^ Interesting thread. This should make a good Weekend DIY project.
  2. Where you at? I know a specialty garage here in Kentucky who makes Soft Tops via special order and ships them with extra fees.
  3. Awesome work you did there. I like your wheels!
  4. I'm from Kentucky but my brother lives in Youngstown, OH. How's the track in Wellsville?
  5. Hello, welcome to the forums. Please feel free to join in on any discussions. I read about your '79 Bronco in rough shape, but I know you'll get it done. This makes a good build thread.
  6. No, I haven't seen a Bronco quite like yours. Great looking Bronco. What's the mods you have on it? Anyways, post up more pics.
  7. Thanks for posting those links. I'll take note and them to my information database. Quite miscellaneous information at this point, but they may come in handy come tomorrow.
  8. Welcome to Bronco Zone. Good looking and very rugged Bronco. I like the color. Post up more pics and list of mods. Welcome again.
  9. Hi, did not want to create a thread for my query and I think this is an appropriate thread. Here goes: my cousin owns a Ford Bronco 1982 model and which he rarely uses. I noticed that his Signal lights' lenses are dimmed and close to worn out. So I am looking at this after market Turn Signal Lens by Replacement featured on this site. Here's the image and catalog description: What do you think? Is the said replacement Lenses really applicable all these listed above Ford Bronco models? Will buy them for my cousin as a holiday gift since he does not notice the condition of his lenses. Thanks in advance.
  10. Totally missed this event. Will they have another event for next year? I'm in it for the gorgeous models and Broncos.
  11. Hi, I'm used to a VB based forum on which allows posting youtube vids that are related to the thread. Does the forum allow youtube vids as long as they are relevant to the topic at hand? Also will the youtube BB code work here? I'm new here and I don't wanna get banned for posting and violating rules based on multimedia content so I asked first. Thanks.
  12. Since I moved to NJ from Texas, my bronco has trouble starting on cold weather. Any solutions to this? At first I tossed in new batteries and Bronco starts with a minor delay but after a week; it takes so long to start.
  13. Nice Rims. What's the brand?
  14. I'd like to see a thread dedicated to MONSTER TRUCKS
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