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  1. OK read the post all the way through. There are a few possibilities here, like bully bob said the temp will rise when shut off, but I don't believe that much. I believe what you have going on is a improperly maintained cooling system. You say the coolant looks good but I believe there is years up build up in the block and heads acting as a thermal barrier. Once the engine is shut off the coolant is now able to extract the heat from the engine. OR there is no thermostat in the vehicle and is allowing the coolant to pass through too fast and not pick up enough heat. If you want an idea of actual engine temp, get a reading of the oil temp. Engine oil temp give a more accurate reading of actual engine temperature. Engine oil temp should be no more than 10 degrees higher than coolant temp. Good luck Steve and let us know what you came up with.
  2. the a9l computer is the sought after one by mustang owners, not for sure why though.. I would stay away from mustang cobra computers, as they are calibrated for 24 lb injector and are more difficult to calibrate air fuels with aftermarket mods. on a side note if you are modifying the engine, computer only reads off the o2 sensor until about 3k, to tune afr's, you will need a wide band o2 setup and a adjustable fuel pressure regulator, adjust the fuel pressure to get the correct afr's at high rpms and low rpm fuel will be tuned by the pcm.
  3. I am sort of in the same situation. Just got done with full width axle swap and now long tubes are on a collision course with d44 high pinion. From what I've found out shorties will not work with factory clutch setup, because the clutch pivot is in the way. A guy would either need a custom header to go under the pivot like the long tubes do, or get a hydraulic clutch setup. Now I am not sure when we start talking automatics. I believe I am going with the hydraulic clutch, more convenient for me.
  4. for one thing most of the air tools are rated in break away torque, which basically means that this is not an instant torque, the tool manufactures can explain this better. most impact guns have more torque in reverse than forward, and in my opinion the more torque the better. if a bolt break with an impact its going to break by hand your just going to have to work a lot harder at it. you use the same principals for air tools that you use with hand tools, that is try to loosen until it gets to a stopping point the tighten it back up, working it back and forth like this loosens 80% of the fasteners that would break if you just tried to muscle them out. there are some bolt that aren't going to come out and that's what your going to have to live with when your working on a 40+ year old vehicle, so the moral of the story is if you have a stuck fastener try working it back and forth(reverse and forward) whether you have hand tools or air tools.
  5. if your bronco was sitting on perfectly level ground you could put an angle guage on top of your knuckle and it would give you caster angle. its an old way of doing things but it works.
  6. im looking to get a np 435 and np205 combo has any one done it? whats the over all length?
  7. i said i wasnt a hardcore rocker doesnt mean i like to get out and play in the rocks, my main area is snow wheeling which causes alot of axle wrap, i have swaped in a used spring to eliminate the broken spring, and axle wrap is still there, no blocks just a reverse shackle conversion, like i said i like unique, and i wanted to strech my wheelbase a little, when my rear wheel wells got cut i think they were cut a little far back, so i want to center the wheels in the wells, may not be the best design but believe is going to work fine, i already cut the stock wedges off my stock dana 30, worse case scenario i wasted a stock dana 30, one of the axles is broken any way
  8. the thing is im not a hard core rock crawler, so i dont need huge flex and i believe this setup will give more flex than stock style leafs. and i would call that a 3 link. money is a little tight right now and i have some broken rear leafs and i got the treacherous bronco lean. i have the majority of the stuff to do this, one other reason and im tired of wheel hop i know it will be easy to make a traction bar set up,but i haven't seen this setup on a eb. i like doing things that other people havent. the 63 inch swap isnt a bad idea at all but this goes back to money and a 4 link is a better and i would like to do it with huge heim joints but that gets expensive quick
  9. i been thinking about it and i have extra coils, radius arms, coil buckets for the bronco front. all i would need to do rear coils is c brackets to weld on to the axle and a track bar set up. has any one seen a bronco with this set up, better yet does anyone have pictures? all thoughts and ideas are good. seems really simple to me, so why not
  10. i believe that is for the brake pressure switch on the proportioning valve down under the master cylinder
  11. you may want to check me on this but i believe the 351 will not swap with the 302 pan, the 351 has different block skirting which makes the block stronger
  12. what bully bob said is true, you need to make the track bar more parallel, but you also need a drop pitman arm too. excessive drag link angle could also cause this. i have never had much luck but some people say a good steering stabilizer can help also
  13. ok if you are looking for mileage and aren't stuck on the v8, then i would try the ford 2.3 turbo 4 cylinder. i dont believe any body has done this that i know of but it would be economical and somewhat cheap. they are a fuel injected engine and they provide a decent amount of power. they were avilable in mustangs, t-birds and a vehicle called a merkur. not sure if the bellhousing fits sbf, but im sure the bellhousing for the 2.3 fits the ford tranys. as for trans i would go with a manual and overdrive for economy reasons. if you got the money a nv3500. the swap i believe would be under your 7k limit if you do the work yourself. parts should be fairly easy to find, and fuel injection is reliable hate it if you want but i might get a second eb just to do this
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