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    '92 Bronco XLT, V8 - 5.8, 152K, Stock. Latest challenge: Ignition cylinder would not turn and did not come out the easy way ball under column. Had to be drilled and removed in pieces!

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  1. I think the lock cylinders for the Ford 1992-95 - F150, F250 Pick Up - Ignition & Door Lock Cylinders fit the 1992 Bronco. All chrome. I need a set of three chrome and found some on Amazon (pic). Can any confirm they will work in the '92 Bronco XLT? Thanks, Mike
  2. Big time! But then again, it was my daily driver from 2000-2014, when many of those years gas was averaging $4 a gallon in California. Wouldn't you know when I bought a second car, the prices went down by $1.50 a gallon?!@#$%...
  3. Hey, I appreciate the feedback on your towing experience. It helps. The Bronco has gotten me where I've needed to go over the years and more. I won't give up my '92 until it gives up on me! Quick story, the fuel pump went out once on my way home from work. It was going on midnight and there wasn't any traffic. I was at the top of Topanga Cyn. and coasted downhill for two miles right into my driveway! At the time I thought I blew out the engine because there was smoke coming from under the hood. What a relief that it was the pump!
  4. Thanks for the advice. I think a small trailer with even weight distribution would be the thing. And I'll get those shocks as well. The long distance (Calif. to Virginia) could have some challenges, but if I do it conservatively, it might work.
  5. I have to move some things across country. Any opinions on whether or not it's doable with a 1992 XLT 5.8L? Basically, it would be towing a 5X8 U-Haul. I have the towing package, it's just that I saw a few concerns online about the axle width of the 5.8L XLT as opposed to the 5.0 (being better according to the chatter). Should I be concerned about attempting it? The vehicle itself is in perfect shape. Thanks in advance for any advice, griff
  6. griff

    griff's '92 Bronco

    My 1992 Ford Bronco (stock).
  7. Have been finally getting some things accomplished with the '92 Bronco. As it happened, a tree fell on the hood (only). It scratched and dented everything, including the cowl above the hood. It also broke a bit of the grill near the latch. So I have been dealing with multiple headaches. I changed out the starter and that took care of the issue I posted above. I also replaced the front strut rod bushings, motor mounts and put on a new hood to take care of the tree damage. I pulled the dented cowl and fixed that. I paint matched and smoothed all that out and now I have a great looking Bronco again (except for the grill which I will look into replacing). The seats are ripped up and covered right now. I am thinking of getting them reupholstered. Oh, I also welded the drivers seat as it came lose. Getting close to having Old Faithful back in fighting shape. Thanks for the help fellas. griff
  8. I really appreciate your assistance with the diagrams and all. I'll be sure to place an update when I get something concrete on this! Cheers, griff
  9. Hi, Thanks for the info! I will have a chance to go through it in the morning. A bit more about the issue: As I said, I can cold start easily. Starts right up. Drive it a bit and then I cannot start it again. I even started it one morning after sitting all night, backed it up to load something in the back. Turned it off, loaded and then it wouldn't start. So when this happens and I try to start there is no cranking at all. Turn key, one click and nothing. Not even a hint of cranking. Leave it sit for half-hour to 45min, starts with no effort at all like a new car. I had thought maybe the starter was bad because that is what it sounds like when it doesn't start, but again, half hour later and it's easy to start. New battery. So what I presently have is a situation where I can go to the store. I can drive somewhere, but have cannot start the vehicle when I want to leave. I have to wait almost an hour and then I can start it right up. Incredibly frustrating.
  10. Hi, My 1992 Bronco XLT 5.8 litre has an issue with the ignition I believe. I can start it cold without issue, but if it warms up a bit then I turn off the engine, I cannot start it. I usually have to wait a good 1/2 hour - 45 min. and then I can start it again. I replaced the battery with a great heavy duty one, all connections are solid. This is just very strange. Could it be a compression issue I wonder? If anyone has experienced a similar issue I sure could use some help. Thanks, griff
  11. I went out to commence testing and the damn thing started right up. I drove it down the street and the juice meter on the dash was perfect. Cannot explain how it went from draining one night to perfect the next day unless the car gods decided to toss one in my favor this time around (they did owe me!)... Thanks again for the feedback, griff
  12. Thanks for the support miesk5, Bully Bob & Seabronc! I'm off to do some testing...will report back from the field after battle! griff
  13. I was driving to work and the radio stopped. Looked over at the gauge and saw the needle on 8 (empty juice). Turn signals barely worked, et al. Got a new Ford max power battery. Nada. Got a new alternater. Nada. The vehicle will run, but just not getting the juice (turn signal barely blinks). Any ideas? I'm taking it in for a check on the battery/alternater but trying to think past it if it could be something else. 1992 XLT 145K 5.8 351 Stock Thanks for any advice, griff
  14. Hey thanks a million for the specs. Just really appreciate the help! griff
  15. Hi, I am new to this forum. I read quite a bit of the forum and other areas and it seems like a great place to connect with other enthusists. I Have a '92 Bronco XLT (Stock -118K). I have a wiring question. Does anyone know where the warning chime wire is located under the dash? The color scheme? I would like to disconnect the wire that produces the warning chime when the driver's side door is open. I know there is also a small peg that once pushed in should turn it off, but with my Bronco, this is not happening when the door is closed. I tried duct tape and it works...for awhile. I think a perminent solution would be best for my sanity. Thanks in Advance for any advise! griff Southern California
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