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  1. Great pictures, I've always been jealous of you guys out West.
  2. Long time no see fellas! So I just started watching Longmire, and I miss my Bronco and then today I saw a beautiful late model Bronco in mint condition. It is a sign that I need another one. The Bronco gods have spoken. Which got me thinking, right now I am driving a 79 Fiat Spider and i have installed several upgrade. Reduction starting, better alternator, dual carbs, ect. So what do we have for Broncos? What upgrades are available for Broncos? Thanks Gents and looking forward to being back in the fold.
  3. No clue, but I will check as soon as I get off this oil rig.
  4. Got ya....When I turn the key to start the solenoid will either keep the starter starting or it will not start at all and the solenoid has a burnt plastic smell to it. No clue on the fuseable link.
  5. It either holds the contact in or it will not engage and become hot.
  6. Ok, so the problem went away and now it has come back with a vengeance. I have a new starter and I keep burning up the solenoid. I am at my wits end and frankly am getting ready to set the truck on fire. I have thought about just changing the wiring and go with a more modern starter system. Is this possible?
  7. Just got off the phone with them. It is a no go. HOWEVER, one of the niciest guys I had ever talked to.He gave me some leads, and I am just going to have to make one. Mucho gracias.
  8. Hey y'all, Does anyone know where I can get a wiring harness for an 84 302? It seems no one makes one, but I want to be sure. If I can't get one, how readily available are parts to make one? Reason I am asking is my wires are old and brittle, and I am looking to replace them. Thanks Edit: I am also willing to pay someone to make one for me. Anyone interested?
  9. I would talk to owners of classic cars at the next show. If anyone would know it would be them.
  10. Thanks....I am getting ready to take care of the front after the holidays. Some things Ford has, but I can't find a damn wiring harness(Painless type) to save my life.
  11. I haven't been impressed with American cars in general. I found they were cheaply made and lacked personality.
  12. scubachris

    New Cars

    This Saturday, I went looking at new vehicles. Getting ready for my Bronco to be out for a while, will I do a bunch of work to it. I haven't bought a new cars since 07, and since I get Ford X Plan, and GM discount, I decided to look at those. I started of with the Dodge Challenger. Just to drive one. I can't afford something like that now. Dodge did it right. The have the feel of a muscle car. Fine for going straight, just don't try to turn. Not to mention everything inside looks like cheap fisher price plastic. Then went to Chevy...Since I am looking for a economy car, I tried the Sonic. The interior was horrible, the ride was horrible, and the engine was uninspired. Just because I want good fuel economy doesn't mean I want to live like a barbarian. I did look at the Camero, and while I liked the handling, and performance. Downside was interior(again cheap plastic), and visibility. At 5'6', I felt claustrophobic, and couldn't see anyone taller then me enjoying it. Now we come to the winner. Ford, before someone claims bias. Let me give you a history of vehicles owned by my family. Ye the majority have been Fords. But I have owned Nissan(which I like) grandparents have owned Oldsmobiles for the majority they were in production. And Toyota pu. Getting back to Ford. I test drove the Ford Focus hatchback. With my discount it was 19910, and it was loaded. The only thing not in it was leather seats, navigation, and heated/powered seats. The engine is anemiac( it is a 4 banger), but not to the point of feeling like you are going to die. In fact if Ford added a standard transmission, and turbo it would haul ass. Nothing in the car seemed cheap. It was well laid out, and well put together. The Chevy Sonic was load and rattly. This was quit and smooth. For Ford to put this much work into a base model car is heart warming. I think it also testifies why they didn't need bail out money. Just wanted to offer my thoughts.
  13. @ SeaBronc.... When I rebuilt my NP 208 I replaced all of the u-joints on the drive shaft, and the drive shaft itself. Last summer I replaced the pads, and rotors. When I pull off the wheels, I will check them again. Change the bearings, stabilizers bushings, ball joints, and the u joints on the front end. I looked at the Warn Hubs on JBG, and thinking about the OE with those. Forgot, also replacing the tie rods, and drag link. I will have a weekend, the service manuals, and tons of the penetrating oil. As for the tank, I will have to drop it, and look at the sending unit. the 33 gal is different from the 25.5. I never let it get low, but I think I have put more in it then 25. I wish Ford still made parts for the older vehicles.
  14. Thanks, that is simple enough. they are manual.
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