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  1. i am glad i could help good luck with your project
  2. anouther way u could go to is ebay and craigs list just becareful. ebay has a sellers rating keep a eye on that. craigs list is a little more risky but you can find some good buys i have bought a few things off ebay for my truck for decent prices. Flames is also right lmc and the grave yard are also great places.you can also check out national parts depot u can pretty much build a whole bronco from any of the three places hope this helps good luck and post some pics of your ride and the progress.
  3. my 89 with the 5.8 does same thing
  4. i did find pics of mine with the 33x12.50s on stock wheels before the lift
  5. welcome digger if you dont mind doin some of the work yourself i woul recommend going to the wrecking yard for some onf your trim pieces and so on it will save u alot of $$ and you can find alot of good pieces. i understand the budget part i have been workin on my 89 for about 5 years now and its still a work in progress. its a one piece at a time deal for me. heres a few pics hope it helps with ideas and good luck
  6. i dont have any pics for u but i had 32x11.50s on mine then i went to 33x 12.50s on stock wheels before i added the lift and the only clearences issues i had was they would rub the radius arms if i would turn real tight but i wasnt doing any major off roading either about all i did at that time was just geting in to the fishin hole and ran around the mountain side hunting. it depends alot on what u are doing
  7. i am in florence Co about 2 hours south of denver
  8. i have been doing research on a dizzy myself but i am looking for the tfi set up and i have been reading post on here and from what i understand the stock set up on that is pretty good. (i have had a few cold ones) but my advice would be follow what just shoot me 84 has to say say he knows what he is doing and misek5 as well they havent gave me any bad info. i went the cheap way and just added the msd cap and rotor but i am albout the budget build up so
  9. lol u guys crack me up some times. i will say opions r like a$$holes everyone has one im not gonna get in the name callin or nothing and im the first to admit my spelling sucks so hang in there with me but i do have a question that maybe you can answer. i want to do my exhaust as well and i am a big true dual fan im in co with no emissions so plan on going from the o2 sensor back my question is how big is to big? been told some times big is to big what is the ideal size of tube to use?
  10. i have also been kickin around the idea of a cia myself and have done some thinking about the diy version as well but i cant tell from the pics of the k&n set up but it looks basicly the same as the diy except for the piece behind the filter. it looks to me as it would be sucking hot air as well as the diy set up would. is the any other pieces in the k&n set up that are not pictured?? no use spending a extra $$ if the 20 dollar mod will do the same. can someone set me straight on this one?? thanks in advance guys
  11. does the wot restriction get removed by the programmer or was it some thing u did?
  12. lol i am looking to swap the c6 out for a five speed and want to throw a big block in my beast. this project will be way down the road but i was gonna do the five speed swap cause i thought i had a dying c6 but she found a new life
  13. i am runing a 6 inch rough country on 89 and havent had any problems with drive shafts but i only have maybe a thousand miles on it since the install so far so good. On the tire question i am runing a 33x 12.50 (little small i know) and to be honest i cant recall who makes em but they are the mud stars and have had good luck with them so far. i bought them at big o tires and saved about 80 dollars over the bfg's. good luck on the install
  14. right on krafty thanks for seting me straight and the tips
  15. thanks for all the info guys i will do more research on this one.
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