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  1. thanx yall ya my maine coil distributor wire is loose also. i went out today to get new wires and had to take them back twice. they both gave me wrong ones. i cant seem to find the ones that i need. ive looked everywhere. im sure i can find them online just worried bout orderin the wrong ones...
  2. would open headers damage my engine? i have a 1979 ford bronco 351m/400... would back pressure be an issue
  3. well if i push down on that wire and it stops is it the wires that are the problem? cause 2 are loose and the others are tight. the ones that are tight are fine but the loose ones are the misfirin ones. should i just buy new wires?
  4. My truck is misfirin. 79 ford bronco 351/400m and i just replaced all the spark plugs like 3 weeks ago. It seems like if i push down on the wire thats on the distributor its commin from it stops but i aint sure. It ran fine for a while when i changed the plugs but now it just keeps misfirin. i dunno what to do? any and all answers will be appreciated!
  5. Do you know if a 1979 bronco Custom with a 9" 3.50 would have LSD?
  6. I was wonderin on the stock 9" rear on the 79 bronco if both wheels turn or if its just one?
  7. looks good bud! what kinda bedliner did ya use?
  8. thanx bud! you solved my problems!
  9. 351 and 400 use the same block so you cant tell externerally. ive ben told to take off the head and measure the stroke. 351 is 3.5" and the 400 of coures is a 4.00"
  10. I need a charcoal vapor canister! i dont know of any internet site that sells them. its for a 1979 ford f-150 im sure they arent any different than the bronco but just lettin yall know. i just cant seem to find one if yall can shoot me an internet site. or some place i can order it from that i can get it that would be a big help!! thanx
  11. i have a 3 inch body life on my 79 bronco and need to find some brackest to raise the front and rear bumpers. i know they wouldnt be bad to fabricate but i aint got the tools. does anyone know of a place i can order some?
  12. got my brakes done thanx for the help man
  13. i got a new caliper for my front drivers side rotor and got all that settled. and then the other day decided to bleed the breaks and had everythin done rite i know i did it rite. well then i pulled the truck out today and i had no breaks at ALL! i found out that my passenger side calipers main break line didnt have both copper fittings on the bolt so fixed it. i bled them again. and then i started it again and did have a little better breaks but still very pathetic! every time im done bleedin the pedal well ya know feels stiff like a break pedal should THEN i start the truck and it seems like i have to push the pedal all the way to the floor to get little to hardly any catch on the pads. ive bled them twice and they dont get any better. ALSO my rear drum breaks i have tried to bleed but absolutely NOOO fluid comes out when i do. of EITHER END LEFT OR RIGHT DRUM! i know my left drum brake clinder is blew and needs to be replaced but still i would think SOME fluid would come out... All in All i want and of course NEED my brakes back. any and !ALL! answers and comments would be appreciated! my trucks almost done and really need this to be done with! Also... i took off the booster from the firewall durin the rebuild and was wonderin if i did that if i had to bleed the master cylinder directly or if i could just put it back on and bleed it from the lines. cause i didnt bleed it directly. thanx yall God bless
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