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  1. thanks alot!! i have found a ground off the intake manifold running to the firewall. where is the other ground located??
  2. does anyone have anything to add?
  3. voltage across batter goes from 12.4V to 11.73 when attempting to start. so i know there is definately a draw.
  4. So ive replaced, the starter, new battery/alternator and relay selenoid located behind battery. it clicks once and nothing. allmost as if the engine is seized. let it set a while and cool off and it starts without a problem. any suggestions on where i start searching for problem? i have a DMM so iam ready to start testing just looking for where to start., thanks.
  5. /Users/zanenestor/Documents/IMG_20120205_143226.jpghttp:///Users/zanenestor/Documents/IMG_20120205_143204.jpg
  6. thats the problem i do not have a timing light, at the moment i have the distributor turned to advance timing so it will run, when i retard it untill its at factory idle spec's i cannot even get the truck to move. ive checked vacuum leaks, have nothing other than the valve next to passenger side manifold. everything else is sealed tight and good. i never had that vaccum line running to that valve to begin with, so idk. what do you think? i will get pictures around today. what would you like me to take? one of distributor with cap off? i would like to get this running good today thanks all for the all the help i know iam not much of a help to you guys in diagnosing but truth of the matter is iam a diesel tech and this is the first time ive ever torn into a gas engine. similair but confusing.
  7. i have the truck running, but when i got it going the first time i had to advance timing to keep truck running it would miss/hesitate tremendously, once advanced it runs better but still hesistes from a stop and messes my shift point up, my distributor was not removed. allthought i was turning the distributor to advance/retard timing to be able to drive it. now that its so advnced it idles at 1400. i must fix this. any suggestions?
  8. i got it figured out finally. i cannot seem to get my pics uploaded i will try tomarrow, but i had the order above rigged up and she fired, ran like complete poop for a few seconds till all the unburnt fuel sputtered away, then she idled and sounded great. but for some reason, as if it suddenly lost fuel, she died, and not i cannot get it to start again. one thing after another at this point.
  9. iam going to first off state that iam a recent graduate of diesel tech school so me working on gasoline engines is very rare. and my first time tearing down my truck, now give me a 3406E or a ISX and i can do some work. but i opollogize its taking me a little time to get around to things, but i appreciate everyones help. tonight after work i will try to bar the engine over to TDC if anyone has done it what do i need and is there a mark thats visable without removing everything i just replaced. and thanks again for all the help. i will post pics later this evening or later in week, i have alot at work to complete.
  10. did not replace injectors. put new orings on, bout it. i kept them all in order and as far as the injector harness is concerned, , as you probably allready know their run through a taped up harness so i would be stretching it big time if it were on incorrectly, so iam certain that is not it. iam at this point certain i have the wires mixxed, i have the wires set to ^^^ that above^^^ problem is, i have an aftermarket msd cap, and i cannot figure out which is which on the cap
  11. i ended up getting it to hit on a few cylinders but not enough to turn her over, iam completely stumped. if you have a 5.8 can you take a pic for me so i can get this thing correct. iam starting to think i have too much fuel and shit in the chambers to keep it from firing now, but idk what do you think? the distributor wasnt turned nor removed at all, injectors/plugs were replaced / fixed, thats it, i dont see how it could be out of time?
  12. definately not correct. flooded my plugs doing this
  13. i got my truck put back together from replacing water pump and upper/lower intake manifold gaskets. because iam not the one who took them off and didnt mark them, i cannot get the plug wires back on in their correct spot i have an afermarket MSD cap so it does not specify where #1 is at, (Didnt know if factory cap did or not). so if someone could take a pic of their distributor and mark just one plug so it can give me a starting point. thanks guys, i did not remove the distributor so the timing was not adjusted or messed with what so ever.
  14. i need help finding some parts...i broke the clip off the throttle cable assembly that sits on top of my upper intake manifold. i broke the clip that clips on. not the slid through clip. if you went out and looked at yours you would know exaclty what i mean. another part iam looking for in the coolant diverter peice that sits just about the thermostat housing. it routes the coolant from there to the heater core. mine has rusted out. thanks. ive searched everwhere and i cannot find either peice
  15. Does Anyone know the bolt pattern for the intake manifold? and torque specs i have a chilton manual but iam at home right now and my truck and the manual is in ohio ill be working on it this weekend once iam off work. just wanna make sure i have everything before i head over there and start working on it, thanks guys
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