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  1. I know I promes pictures and have taken them,but am having problems uploading them. Having the same problem on another forum,apparently my pictures are too high resolution so I need to reduce them and being computer illiterate this is gonna be a learning process for me..be paitent i WILL post them when I figure out how.
  2. Pics are comming in the morning...I say 6in lift cause thats what the saftey certificate in the glovebox says. I do know 6in body lift is now illegal in California...I belive 4in Max now. Mine has been grandfathered. Please correct me if thats different now. I got that from CHP. Thats what made me say F a new 40K monster truck ,and turn into a bank slave for 5 years. I'll dump 3k into mine and it will be good as new. Thats what I did and sure enough...rides like new,runs like new.Couldnt be happier right now Going on a trip saturday to test it out offroad and get used to it again. Been driving a 91 GeoMetro since it died in 2003...its like going from a go kart to a real car..LOL And the clutchs on the 2 cars respond tottaly differently,like learning to drive it all over again.
  3. YES...TY...things are getting better with my health ever so slowly....Just gotta keep my chin up,never to forget to smile as people don't want to hang with whinners . Now that I got my Bronco2 back I can go back to work photgraphing the desert southwest and take tourist from LA to remote desert ghost towns. So between my photography and tour bizz...things look better going in 2010. Hope things get better for all of us in 2010...Hope 2010 is the year everyones dreams come true...With Thanksgiving comming up in a few days I pray everyone has a pleasent joyful Thanksgiving with friends and loved ones. I surely am Thankful for MANY things this year.Mainly still having a roof over myself and my family comming into winter.
  4. Hi everyone I'm new here however had my 87Bronco2 since 1997...I was the 2nd owner. Heres the problem...All my gauges worked fine until I had a new stero installed by a car audio place with a reputation of top notch work,and indeed they did do top notch work installing the stero,sounds great BUT now my fuel gauge wont work. And they are closed for thanksgiving this comming week so no taking it back and geting it fixed.Gonna have to handle this myself as have a family outing Thrusday. Anyone know what color wires are for the fuel gauge...I checked the mechanical float in the tank and seems to funtion no prob. I was thinkking it would be easier and less time to rewire a new circut to the gas gauge to fuel tank rather than try to track down a fault in a wire. Before I commit to this rewireing method,would be nice to know what color wire is for the gas gauge to tank sensor. Thanks Desolationangel
  5. Hi Everyone, Writting this to introduce myself and tell you all about my b2. My name is Rich and I am from Northridge CA..Ground zero of the 7.6M EQ in 1994. My house was 300yards from epicenter. Authorities claim it was only 6.7M. However my steelworker friend of mine who was sent to inspect most of the Hi-Rise in Los Angeles said the building are desigined to withstand an 8.0EQ....He found steel beams ripped is every Hi-rise in City of LA he inspected. I digress. It was only a day after I bought my B2. Did all my own repairs and Mods until 1997 when I got in an accident that should have killed me,However I did suffer from perminate nerve damage in my arms and legs that now prevents me from doing my own repairs. My B2 blewout it's clutch after 150,000miles in 2003. Not being able to do my own repairs anylonger and living on disablilty I started saving all my nickles and dimes.LITERALLY!! I saved all the change I had in my pocket end of the day...6 years later I saved enough to get my B2 back on the road. Today as I write this my b2 is getting new improved heads. I have a 2.9 that came with the glass heads that crack if overheated ONCE! I put a new battery in back in May09 to see if the girl would start. Well Let me tell you...FIRED right up. After sitting 6 years with bad gas. Right then I decided YES I'm putting the b2 back on the road. At that point I was thinking of getting another truck. SO had a new clutch put in and the suspention rebuilt all around. Used skyjacker springs (sky138)with Pro-comp 3000 shocks front and HD Explorer rear leafsprings with procomp 3000 shocks...I bought the truck already lifted. I was told it was a factory lift....6in suspention lift , 6in bodylift. Interior is a burgandy red..This is the ONLY bronco I have ever saw Burgandy red. I will post pics soon. Anyhow thats a little somthing about me and my b2 and TY all out there who post useful info and help. Hope I can help someone some day here....
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