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  1. I dont see the air bybass and diverter valve behind the intake, just a single valveconnected to the manifolds going to the egr. I am guessing the guy who put the rebuilt motor in my truck removed it. Is there a sensor in the diverter valve? This clip sits right where that diverter valve should go. Is it worth it to buy an new one to get my vacuum correct? I am trying to figure out missing and skip at idle my distributer cap has burnt points on the brass inside and i just replaced it a few months ago? Could this be a vacuum problem? Or should i check the pcm? very confused lol
  2. I am trying to upload from my phone but I can't get it to work, possibly the picture is bigger than allowed. It must be a sensor it has a single red or beige wire connected toit
  3. Its pretty short so I'm guessing it belongs behing the intake
  4. Thanks man you are a guru! Lol Should I close the open pipe behind my intake? I don't plan on reinstalling the smog pump as I don't have it anymore. Also there is a black connecter behind my intake that is not plugged into anything I can't see anything behind there so I don't know where it goes. Any idea whats it to?
  5. Correction: There is a pink and yellow vacuum line behind the intake not connected to anything and a open tube behind the intake im guessing this was the pipe that went to the smog pump? I unplugged the tab and tad sensor and noticed no difference im guessing they need vacuum to operate?
  6. Hi Trying to get the horse running good again, experiencing rough idle / at low rpms the engine sounds like it is missing. low end power is not there ihave a rebuilt 302 advanced the timing and 411 gears. These are the codes I am getting 311 116 654 212 327 232 Also I have just replaced the egr and the sensor on it, smog pump was deleted a while back there are a green and yellow vacuum lines are not connected and just sitting behind the intake Im guessing they were to the smogpump? should i just plug the lines?
  7. I pulled the cover off my differential it looks good I didnt find any unusual wear or chips. The u joint closest to the rear axle seems like it has some side to side play. Also the driveshaft seems to only turn about a 1/4 of a turn when the truck is in nuetral. Is it possible the u joint is just bad?
  8. Hey everyone I need some help to determine if my ring and pinion is too loose or if my transfr case is messed up. When I put the truck in neutral i can turn the driveshaft about 3/4 of a turn. The gears in the rear axle wwere swapped to 4.56 by a local mechanic.
  9. Thanks for the help man, The ground wire is grounded to the trailer hitch but connects to nothing(it is cut but there is no other wire under there to connect it to)? Also when i use the turn signal say for turning left I can see a faint blinking in the right taillight as well?
  10. BigGreenBronco


  11. Hey guys its been a while since ive been here(busy rebuilding a chevy motor with my free time) but i got a problem thats stumped me. My taillights will not turn on when I am using my nighttime running lights. The headlights work fine. THe brakelights work fine but as soon as i take my foot off the brake there is no running lights. I replaced the headlight switch thinking it was defective and now the dashlight will not turn completely off its like a very dim light even with the key out and the truck lights off? THere is a bunch of loose wires under the tailgate by my trailer hitch along with a ground wire that has nothing to connect to? Any help would be appreciated BIGGREEN
  12. Ok man il do a compression test asap if it dont have any hopefully the motor will be covered it was a insured replacement motor
  13. I need more power because I get out in a feild and the thing wont hardly turn the tires it just seems to me the gears should have helped light the load the tires put on it
  14. Ive done a ton of work to my 95 bronco the 302 is rebuilt and under 10000 miles preformance intake free flowing exhaust and 4.56 gear ratio. My problem is the truck just doesnt seem to have much power it seems like with all ive done it should have pretty decent power I also have 35inch tires
  15. I had a similar problem with mine except when i turned on my headlights the wondsheild wipers would start and the ac would cut out. Check your grounds pull the plastic panel below the dash on the drivers side it is the one with the hood latch. There is the ground for many of the components on the dash make sure its not loose. I did this and found my ground was loos i tightened it and it was fine.
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