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  1. ok this may be dumb but it says in the form that a zf bolts up to a 5.4 and up which is the newer motors.and also is it a cheap alternative to the replacement that im havin to go through.thanks
  2. hey guys its been a while since ive been on here but i have run into a situation.My torque converter has called it quits and i need to know a good place to pick one up.i know it might be impossible but i need a good one and cash is a little low so if anyone could help out that would be greatly appreciated.also would it be easier to just drop a 5 speed in it i know where i can get one and if so could i get a write up on how that is done, oh and also its a 1995 xlt 351 winsor e40d. many thanks
  3. got a 87 bronco2 for 1000 good driver and goes great in mud.
  4. hey thanks i did read about that diagnosis thing awhile back.but it just wont read dont know but i will check that pcm.thanks again.
  5. hey i got a buddy and he has a 1990 302 ford f150 dont know the trans,but his truck is doin somethin that i have never seen before.the truck has a dead miss in it after runnin for about a min or a min and a half.the idle is way high and it runs rich.i think almost sure that a sensor is out somewhere, however i have no idea which it could be.Because of the high idle when it is in gear it will obviously get to goin real fast switch into second gear and keep goin.so when it is in gear and the brake is on u can tell the sob wants to get goin so it will raise up like a truck thats in 4low would do,then it will miss and when that happens the truck looks like u put it in park.so all in all im pretty sure its the eec or iac or some sensor like that but i dont know which to look at first.also test cant be run on it.so any help at all would be great thanks.sorry i posted in the wrong topic lol my bad.
  6. you will need a timing light and white out.turn your motor over till u can read on the crank pulley(well behind the crank pulley you will see another circle piece with numbers on it). when u can read the numbers then take your white out and mark 10 degrees before top dead center,tdc, and 10 degrees retarded tdc.then take your timing light hook it to the number one cylinder and your battery then loosin your dist,start the truck,shoot the light at the pulley see where it is at and move the dist. back and forth accordingly.also i think u might need a special tool to get to that bolt on the dist.not sure though might be somethin to look into.
  7. trust me after what i have seen anything is possible.didnt get a chance to look in the bronco bible today sorry weed eater broke but will try my best tomorrow.
  8. hey yeah im goin to go ahead and need u to do the samething to mine and while ur at it the rust be gone that u do, i need done to lol.
  9. could be a butt load of things have u checked the fuel rail/fuel injectors.could be another sensor.um i cant think of any right now but in the mornin i will read my chiltons for any possible problem areas/solutions and get back to u.
  10. no magnaflow is no peachey bueno i as well have flowmaster 40 on my 5.8l v8 american muscle and it sounds great and as long as u have working cats wont be loud at all.
  11. roll down the window open the door pull back the weather striping on the door right above the triangle window there will be two screws there take those out the the triangle window will pull back and up out of the hole.
  12. not sure if this has anything to do with it but if u run out of options have ur cats looked at there is really no way to tell if they are bad other than takin them off so like i say if u run out of options.
  13. how much for the boat i would love to have that.
  14. yeah its pretty simple just like he said except there is a nut on the top side of the front shocks so get that off bottom bolt out then just pull right out i have takin both shocks off the front all at once so nothin is goin to kill u but dont play around with the coil spring just to be safe.
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